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Premier Designs Jewelry Complete Guide-Review

Updated on May 2, 2012

Premier Designs

Premier Designs jewelry employs the same business model (direct selling) as Lia Sophia, Silpada, and other similar brands – but with a twist. Making money, the founders claim, is not the foremost reason for the company's existence. Rather, its main purpose is to become a tool for the community (the community of women in particular) to establish new bonds, nourish existing ones, and strengthen its fundamentals – with emphasis on family and faith values – making people, not profit, the primary objective.

The company was established in 1985, and its chief way of distributing its products still consists of shopping at a local Premier Designs representative's. However, since the advent of eBay, thousands of items found their way to the jewelry auction category: our purpose here is to provide guidance and reviews of what's on offer for the Internet shoppers.

Jewelry Style

Premier offers a wide range of jewelry types and designs. In general, the brand's selection can be categorized as eclectic: it purposefully seeks to meet as many tastes as possible, from understated to exuberant – carefully avoiding taking things too far in either direction.

The brand uses alloys, semi-precious stones, faux gems, crystals, and an assortment of beads and other materials to enrich its jewelry.

The way in which these materials combine and interact reflects on each item: some represent solid, classic fashion ideas, others take more risks, and venture into the avant-guard.

Overall, Premier Designs jewelry evolves in several aesthetic directions; two of the most salient include expressive shapes, which impart the pieces volume and characteristic presence, and color contrasts, which make the jewels stand out and assert themselves further in the eyes of both onlookers and wearers.


One of the benefits of eclectic design approach is the capacity to satisfy the demands of various age groups, and the ease of adapting to shifting tastes and needs. Premier Designs do everything they can to maximize these benefits.

On the one hand, they offer jewelry of distinct classic look aimed at ladies with undeniable accumulated status (doesn't matter of what kind – family, community, career), on the other, the selection includes several lines of light-hearted, fun, and play pieces suitable for young women just starting to wear jewelry, or wishing to experiment with a different look.

Respectively, richly and carefully executed pieces were made with the former group in mind, while the charm bracelets, pastel pink and blue colored bracelets, and such, with the latter. Additionally, Premier offer a range of crosses, either as necklaces, or as pendants and charms.

Jewelry Types/Catalog Categories

  • Necklaces comprise a sizable share of Premier's entire oeuvre, and offer an appropriately broad selection of designs to choose from. Cascade and multi-strand pieces with beads and plates of various materials effectively convey the brand's fashion concepts; among our favorite are the extra large beaded items.

  • Earrings quite often (and effortlessly) combine with other pieces to form a set. Models include hoops, drops, pendants and elaborate chandeliers: any model can include gems, or rely entirely on scrollwork (silver plated) for decoration. Familiar lines: Scoop, Infusion, Rio, Criss Cross, Verona, Michela, Caliente, Daybreak, Olivia, and others.

  • Bracelets present some of the most provocative and creative designs Premier have to offer. On the one hand, these pieces boldly blend colored gems of various sorts, on the other, they often mix the stones with surprisingly classic, even antique looking alloy patterns. Available models: stretch, strand, bangle, charm, and others.

  • Pendants naturally occur with necklaces (more rarely with earrings and bracelets), but essentially become their own jewels – that's how they were conceived by brand designers. Classic configurations of a large stone set in an alloy, surrounded by scrollwork, emulate a series of abstract creations. Cross pendants play an important role in expressing the company's faith values.

  • Pins and Brooches usually present a variation of radial symmetry: snowflakes, sun&rays, stars, flowers, and similar motifs, all relying on the perfect circle shape for a simple, straightforward charm. Patriotic pins make up a separate category that also surprises with touches of humor.

  • Rings: Premier Designs boast a well developed ring department. It consists of items that share the elaborate ideas of the bracelets, and the classic designs of the pendants. Central stone based, or made completely of scrollwork, these pieces are among the brand's most assured creations.

  • Charms: a relatively small department that nevertheless adds perspective by introducing funny and less abstract themes. Link to bracelets, necklaces, or come as separate pieces that can be incorporated anywhere.

  • Sets unite several pieces from the same line, and allow the wearer not only to enhance her appeal, but also make a statement: of power, of openness to communication, of emotion – and sometimes all three in various combinations – depending on the jewelry.

  • Watches usually rest on the most classic types of bracelets, the cases acting as functional centerpieces – where a large crystal or gem would be strictly decorative. Overall, the watches couple utility with jewelry, adding another dimension to the brand.


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    • profile image

      Kacie E 

      8 years ago

      I sell Premier Designs and it is all made in flower mound texas and transferred to irving texas for shipping! This is a great brand I haven't had any problems with the quality. It also comes with a lifetime guarentee to exchange replace or any defective piece.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      Over 1/2 the line is designed,manufactured and hand crafted by Premier in TX. Another large percentage in crafted in the US from various distributors. Premier tests all of its jewelry to meet certain standards.

      Hope that helps!

    • Elijah S profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah S 

      8 years ago from Europe

      Hi Peggy,

      Have you tried inquiring at the company's website? A lot of today's jewelry is being made on various locations across the globe, sometimes by parts, and then assembled and marketed by the brand.

      Hope this helped,

      Have a great day!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Where is this jewelry manufactured?


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