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Premier Designs Pendant Review: Chic, Cross, Silver, Gold Plated

Updated on June 2, 2013

Premier Designs Pendants

Pendants reflect Premier' fascination with classic designs: many of the pieces appear antique, very much like medieval jewelry we see in historical and fantasy films. Only the complex shapes of the star and snowflake pendants reveal that these are modern pieces – it would have been impossible to craft something so elaborate with ancient tools.

The rectangular, square, and round pieces can indeed act as “faux dark age” amulets; appropriately they often feature a single, large, black stone in the center. Hearts and crosses complete this thematic sortie perfectly, the shapes echoing courtly love and strong devotion, two notions that for us mark two of the most important characteristics of that period.

Though some of the pendants consist of exclusively alloy, most combine metal with gemstones, and rightly so – the most consummate pieces present a mix of materials. Interestingly, color doesn't play a particularly important role in this department. Let's take a closer look:

Designer Cross Pendant
Designer Cross Pendant

Silver Tone

  • Chic pendant is probably the most popular that Premier Designs offer. It's a silver plated slide piece that can be added to any compatible chain; featuring an abstract scrollwork ornament, it displays an unmistakable classic look that can be played with by introducing colors (on other fashion accessories).

  • Drama model consists of a large rectangular acrylic stone set in and surrounded by a silver plated frame with symmetrical ornament. The ornament adds rhythms and enlivens the central piece, which has a somewhat mystical “third-eye” property to it.


  • Crosses are undoubtedly the most sophisticated pendants the brand offers: they were clearly made to draw attention and keep it there. Though the purpose of this attention magnet is clearly devotional, it's purely aesthetic qualities are too dominant to ignore. The pieces employ filigree metal work and incorporate a selection of crystals and gemstones.

  • Floral, Snowflakes present a series of mesmerising pieces that can alternatively be used as brooches or pins – another small, but important department of Premier designs jewelry.


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