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Premier Designs Pin and Brooch Costume Jewelry Review

Updated on June 2, 2013

Premier Designs Pins and Brooches

Premier Designs pins and brooches expand the company's jewelry thematic range by adding familiar figurative motifs. Among the most popular are various circle based pins that replicate flower blooms, suns and stars; and miniatures from the animal world, especially small birds and insects. Crosses, which appear as pendants and charms as well, complete this department in the spirit of faith values Premier Designs advance.

Snowflakes, made of gold or silver plated alloy, and embellished with crystals, explore winter derived ideas, presenting them in a classically executed package. Both these, as well as the hummingbird pieces, have something in common with vintage Trifari costume pins.

Materials include alloys, crystals, gemstones, colorful glass beads, and also enamel – a rare coating in this brand. Patriotic brooches featuring the stars and stripes make another addition to the selection. Let's take a closer look.

Designer Brooch Gold Tone
Designer Brooch Gold Tone

Patriotic Pins

  • Bird pins – such as Christmas Dove and Hummingbird – introduce energetic motion, where the metallic wings spread, and create a semblance of an arrow head with the main body of the piece. Intricate metalwork leaves many openings which the color of the fabric of the clothing will fill; solid designs opt for crystals and beads for fashion and aesthetic impact.

  • Patriotic pins feature a range of everyday objects – handbags, for instance – that were encrusted with red and blue gems, creating an unmistakable pattern of the United States national flag. These pins refer to shopping as the national and patriotic activity in a tongue in cheek way.

Cross Brooches

  • Snowflake present complex shapes which strive to replicate the complexity of nature's real creations. These brooches capture the imagination of onlookers, and mesmerise with their symmetrical kaleidoscope-like bifurcations.

  • Crosses comprise the most elaborate, sometimes luxurious designs that combine gemstones with metal (often both silver and gold tone in one pin) and often display classic&antique ornamentation. Premier boldly place their most traditional jewelry besides contemporary designs, aiming to address diverse fashion tastes.


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