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Premier Designs Ring Fashion Jewelry Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Premier Rings

Premier rings follow a trend the company set for its bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry departments: a combination of contemporary avant garde, and of classic designs. The latter type employ various aristocratic patterns (that interestingly enough appear in antique and Gothic architecture), essentially rendering the rings as a kind of amulets. The former type rely on linear and asymmetrical twists and breaks, which result in characteristic models aimed to reflect the wearer's personality above all.

Like pendants and pins, the rings fall in three categories in terms of materials: strictly alloy, large gemstone based, and a mix of medium and small sized gems with metal. Gemstones include various semi-precious stones, and simulants of pearls, corals, and turquoise, as well as crystals, and synthetic glass and acrylic. Alloys display familiar gold and silver tones.

Premier offer several types of rings, including solitaire, cluster, bands, and others. Let's take a closer look:

Designer Ring
Designer Ring


  • Eclipse, Tampico, Park City feature real materials – hematite, mother-of-pearl, and others – and demonstrate classic, aristocratic-like designs. The frames and the settings consist of silver plated alloy that was embellished with scrollwork reminiscent of ancient architectural (such as columns) and fashion (such as caps) objects. These are among the most interesting and tradition infused pieces the brand has to offer.

  • After Hours, Dedication, Dynamite consist of a metal base on which gems and crystals create patterns of varying complexity – starting from simple vertical lines and ending with minute stars.

  • Concerto, Ridgeway exhibit avant garde designs, where strands of metal turn and twist, creating knots and accents, often emphasized further by gems.

  • Silver Reflections and Gold Reflections rings might include real gold and silver – be careful to consult with your seller – and display a characteristic hammered look, allowing shade and light shifts do most of the work.

  • Faith: an important department of items that feature a cross or the word “faith” etched on them. In the rings, as in their other jewelry, Premier insist on passing on their values.


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