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Preparation H For Wrinkles And Cellulite

Updated on September 26, 2015
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I am a Webmaster of 15 years and also a Field Investigator. I recently started started as Author for Hub Pages quite recently.

Is it fair to suggest Preparation H is the fountain of youth among combating wrinkles and dimpling cellulite? It is a little known secret bodybuilders routinely use Preparation H Cream before shows to tighten their muscles and models and makeup artists use it to tighten the skin around the eye area and mouth.

Although Preparation H Is traditionally known as a hemorrhoidal cream, the “Preparation H® Cream Maximum Strength, ” specific brand contains 4 major ingredients: Phenylephrine, Glycerin, Pramoxine, and White Petrolatum. According to Dr. Mona Vanm, "The Modern Pharmacist, " Phenylephrine is the active ingredient that causes the blood vessels to shrink and constrict. Phenylephrine is also the same active ingredient found in nasal decongestants which is used to shrink the blood vessels in the nasal membranes and allow the air passages to open up.

The Glycerin, Petrolatum properties of the Preparation H cream are known to lock in moisture and both are commonly used as a base property in most anti-aging skin care products, whereas Pramoxine is used to temporarily relieve itching and pain caused by minor skin irritation, confirming that the hemorrhoidal cream is non-irritating and extremely gentle on the skin.

With that same concept in mind, When Preparation H Maximum Strength Cream was applied on the back of the legs, with an emphasis on the legs and troubled cellulite areas. After two days of regular use, the Preparation H has stood had prevailed, proven to reduce the swelling of cellulite tissue with tighter tauter, smoother skin, certainly a more noticeable smoother appearance and difference-up to 35%. This temporary cellulite reduction treatment can last for up 24 hours. If used regularly the Preparation H Cream will continue to follow the same concept and improve the texture of the dimpled skin.

The downside to using Preparation H cream as part of your daily beauty regime is that it does carry a fish oil like odor. Preparation H cream when used in conjunction with a coffee ground mixture when applied to trouble spots has been proven to offer an extra boost of circulation from the caffeine properties and neutralize the odor.

Preparation H® is a well-known and trusted ointment known for use to relieve hemorrhoids. There are many other hemorrhoidal creams and ointments on the market, but Preparation H® continues to be one of the most used.

Preparation H Hemorrhoidal cream can be found at any local drugstore pharmacy. Depending upon the size of the two you wish to purchase, The cream can cost anywhere between $3.00 and $8.00, proven to be a cost-effective home remedy to temporarily treating the appearance of dimpling cellulite and wrinkled skin.

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© 2015 Meredith Lee Cummings


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