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Pretty Lips Rule The World, Not Nuclear Armament

Updated on August 16, 2019
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Red Lips Require Maintenance

Special Notice From Pexels Photography:

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I Am What You Call

a realist. Not that I do not love colorful ideas, it is because when we deal with reality, we know ahead of time that that’s it! No what’s behind door one . . .two . . .or three. To all of the show business images and fake promises, I proudly say, Enough! I should have declared that one stern-statement years ago. I could have slept better. No midnight snacks. And no sleep-walking. Those are just a few of the reasons why that I am realist.

And when the subject of “What Looks The Best on a Woman,” time was, that fools like myself, would stand-up and bellow, just any part that shows up. What a stupid thing to say. Personally, my vote for the best part of a woman is her lips The nice, full red lips. Those lips of the famous Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe. To be fair Ava Gardner, another “Tinsel Town Temptress,” had lovely red lips. I will not vote for either since my voting might tend to hurt the others’ feelings.

Why do I love full, red lips? Because they are independent and can work without any help from any part of the human face. But those gorgeous eyebrows, it takes a certain hairstyle with a hint of bangs whose ends almost touch the eyelids, makes the eyebrows a bit more dangerous when the woman (who is wearing them) needs to gain attention from a man who might be wanting to give her some static about her work performance. Face it, guys. “We” males go right to Jell-O when a woman uses all her equipment working together as one machine.


Then There Are Those

times in life that some women have such a dedication to their work or family, that they somehow let their lips slide rather than showing them off like God intended. But to be honest. There is a big difference between pretty lips that most men and women who appreciate her lips and the woman who lets her dedication to over-ride her beautiful lips. And it will not be that long until this caring woman does not care her lips look and then the next area will be her eyelashes, eyebrows and hairstyle. Sort of like the “Domino Affect,” when one domino hits (in a line of other dominoes) the rest will fall.

Text on This Hub Sung to Tune of "Hair"

Give Me A Face With Lips . . .

Full pouty lips. Gorgeous female lips. (e.g. a take-off on the Cowsills’ “Hair”) Lips on the face of an humble female. And the face of a playful woman with less make-up. It’s all good. The woman’s power is in her lips and it is high time that we guys need to wake up and acknowledge that nuclear armament is NOT the answer to the world’s ugly problems, it all lies within a beautiful woman’s bright red lipstick on a pair of wonderfully-made lips. Natural lips. Not those with Botux—some nice and some were botched and for that I am terribly sad when news services and America’s tabloids splash a woman celebrity who trusted a highly-trained plastic surgeon only to come out looking like one of Batman’s horrific enemies.

Do not misunderstand. I am not a proponent of full, pouty, red lips as the ONLY part of a woman who’s beauty lies with a store full of make-up. These women look great with or without make-up including red lipstick or any color of lipstick. To make this piece a bit more mysterious, there are women in this life who do NOT depend on any make-up (lipstick included) to get her point across which can mean a promotion at her office, being asked to fill a high position in the neighborhood and the list can be endless. I have witnessed “these” women with hardly any make-up (lipstick included), and they are empowered, enabled and she can stand on her merits, but this thought is not a knock on women who love to wear make-up and that includes red lipstick on gorgeous lips.


Then There Are Those Women

who can handle themselves in sticky situations. Example: a blind date with the pretty woman (lipstick included) between this guy who she met at lunch at her office are off for a big night of dinner, dancing, and walking by the beach.

Suddenly, as the male begins to close-in his prey (this woman) as to find out all that he can in order to keep her down and doing what he wants her to do (for him), the woman instantly ignites into a full-on “Lip Defense” which the stupid numb skull-of-a-man cannot perceive, numbs and stuns the guy when he lays eyes on this very intelligent lady who is “out there” all by herself. But she can take care of herself because she learned early on that her lips, if used correctly, can and will keep her out of trouble. I know what you are thinking: a girl’s eyes can do more than pretty lips. Really? Eyes can get dust into them or get scratched by another angry female, but lips, they stand on their own—powerful, independent, and not trying to flaunt their importance.


And what about women and girls who are modestly-arrayed with just enough red lipstick, are these females being considered conservatives? Nope. Just because a woman wears a little or a lot of her choice of lipsticks, does not dictate which political party that she promotes. If you just take a moment, you will learn that Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, and Jackie Kennedy all wore beautiful lipstick—and on some days they wore a lot, but very respectful to the Office of First Lady and The President. Then on some days, for some reason, these powerful women wore a bit too much lipstick, and by that I mean a “bit” means just that. A “bit.” I could have said a smidgen.

Remember, how much power and influence is found within the lips of a pretty woman with pretty red lips? Enough to rule our world in a peaceful manner and with no Nuclear Armament.

Women with full, pouty lips can . . .

  • Sink or Raise Ships
  • Cause a Squadron of Marines to Faint at The Sight of The Women’s Lips
  • Create a Hit Song From The Air Just by Smiling With Their Red Lips
  • Cause a Squadron of Enemy Soldiers Who Are Out to Take Over American Bases
  • Make a MLB Play-off Game to Come to a Complete Stop Simply by Licking Her Full Lips
  • Getting a Spot of Vanilla Ice Cream on a Woman’s Perfect Lips and Everyone Loves it
  • Women With Pretty Lips Can Talk, Walk, Sing, Chant, Purse Her Lips and Cause Nations With Hatred of Peace and Good Will to Become Friends Simply by Making Her Lips Into a Nice Smile.


Take a Good Look

at the four photos on this hub. Hint: the three photos are full-shot, the fourth-picture is a close-up of a face with gorgeous lips. Now see if you can guess what emotion that each woman is feeling. You have playful, intense, serious, and comedic. Hey! This is not Rocket Science. Any male or female in Junior High can take this pest and forget about it in less than an hour.

Women, ahhh, the creation of a near-perfect being.

But with those beautiful lips with red lipstick, small eyebrows, hair that is wild, and eyes that can stop a Sherman tank.

Women. Aren’t they great?

August 15,2019______________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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