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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Daily Looks

Updated on May 14, 2013
Stop looking like this!
Stop looking like this! | Source

Fashion is about style, elegance and class. But heck, you're messy, just couldn't bother about your look and sometimes, don't feel bothered how wreckingly atrocious you look like day-by-day. You wonder what happened to you. You read the magazines, you have nice dresses, bought make ups, but, why? Why don't you look like the pretty girl in that fabulous magazine?

Firstly, you're lazy. Okay, that's harsh. Maybe you're busy with kids, work, never-ending chores. But, sweetheart, you need to know that you need attention too. You need to know that looking good takes a bit of effort. Everyone in the magazine doesn't look that way miraculously. To assist you, here are 5 ways on how you can get out of your pitiful looks and add a bit of glam in your everyday life:

Look at the mirror!
Look at the mirror! | Source

#1. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Oh no, the mirror cracks as you look at yourself in it? That's a tragedy, and we need to turn this whole thing around. Stare at the woman in the mirror. Zoom it a little and focus on your face. Look at your mane. Is it fabulous? Or is it dry and frizzy? Then, look at the skin, too oily? Too dry? Or simply pimply? Next, move to your eyebrow. Trimmed or bushy? How about your lips - moisturized or chappy?

This is very important. Dita Von Tesse mentioned that she always takes her time to look at the mirror before she goes out. Well, you might not be as sensuously pretty like the burlesque performer, but why don't you take a minute to look at the mirror, and ensure that you look, at least, presentable when you go out.

It would take merely a few seconds to stand in front of the mirror. The secret is, prepare

  1. a preferred lip balm - of your favorite shade of pink,
  2. a comb and a hair moisturizer,
  3. a pair of tweezers for express trimming, and finally,
  4. a compact/loose powder - whichever you prefer.

Put all of these items at the nearest mirror to the main door. You can easily grab them when you look at yourself in the mirror before you go out. You can add other items like a mascara or a blusher to enhance your look. Basically, having these items could help you look groomed before you step out of the door.


#2. Zoom out a bit of the mirror... and look at your outfit.

When you dress, always keep in mind that you need to wear something that flatters. I am now asking you to recall your wardrobe. Do you still have that baggy t-shirt? The tight pants that you can't wear anymore? Take a day, DO NOT DELAY THIS: do a spring cleaning. Remove all those outfits that you are not wearing anymore. Go to Goodwill Donation center and leave your unflattering dresses there.

Girls, some dresses or shirts are flattering because they are pretty on their own, but it doesn't mean they could magically transform your look. What you need is a good cutting for your body shape, and also a good length. The best shot is to have your dresses tailored. If you have a sewing machine and a good talent in it, invest your time in designing your own dress. Remember, don't be too overjoyed by fancy style. You must know what kind of styles and cuttings that fit you. Know your body type and start dressing according to it.

It doesn't matter if you're an XS or XXXXL, as long as you put on a good cut / style that flatters you (NOTE: YOU), you will look gorgeous.

P.S. If you love some of your shirts that much - maybe they are rare/vintage or you love the pattern to death, send them for alterations! Check out local or online tailors who offer alteration service. (I suggest you look on for the services near you.)

Start with a simple pair of earrings
Start with a simple pair of earrings | Source
Then, groom your way up!
Then, groom your way up! | Source

#3. Shine. Put on some glitters.

Accessorizing is the best way to improve your look. However, always keep in mind that you should never do OVER ACCESSORIZING. I would suggest that you go with simple earrings first. Go with tiny ones, and then, glam up with the glitzy glitters or the loops. If you're not comfortable with earrings, you can go with bracelets or rings or even necklaces. Find the style that you like most. I'd suggest that you go to cheap stores to start your collection. Visiting the thrift stores perhaps could help you with the budget.

Have a jewelry box to keep you motivated as a starter. Find basic colors that could match your outfits. I would suggest silver or bronze for your first accessories. Then, opt for classic designs. Some stores sell very cheap accessories. You can start getting fashionable with them. Set a budget. I would say, try $25 for 3 pairs of earrings, 2 pairs of bracelets and a necklace. If you visit stores like Burlington Coat Factory, they do offer a pair of earrings as cheap as $0.48. You need to hunt for them!

Word of advice, don't simply buy things because they are cheap. Buy them because they flatter your looks!

Types of Handbags
Types of Handbags | Source

#4. Your arm candy. Big or tiny?

Who doesn't love handbags? I, personally, am crazy about handbags. However, I always choose plain colors and the best style that suits my tiny figure. I rarely go for the large, obviously oversize, handbags to suit me. Yes, sometimes, my heart aches to get them, but I pull myself back to reality. They don't fit me and don't flatter me at all. They'll get more attention instead of me.

Find a suitable handbag size for you. And of course, the best style that fits you. The length of the straps is important too. Always try wearing the handbag in front of a mirror before purchasing because you need to see yourself wearing it as a whole. Impulsive purchase is our biggest enemy. You like the design and the material, but you need to know that you are committing a fashion crime when you are wearing something that doesn't look good on you.

Sometimes, there are bags that look not-that-good on shelves but awesomely great when you pick it out plainly away from the other bags. That's how you look at bags. Take it out. Hold it. The other bags sometimes overshadow the right ones for you.

Another tips is, why not create your own handbags? If you have the talent to sew, making your own handbags is possible. You can alter certain designs to fit your size and style. In fact, you can also sew your personal grocery bag. This is slightly off the topic but, hey, why not try it?

Short skirt goes with high heel.
Short skirt goes with high heel. | Source
Long skirt goes with flats.
Long skirt goes with flats. | Source

#5. The Cinderella feet.. uhm, not really.

First of all, if you think that you're a supermodel, make a reality check. There are crazy towering high heels that doesn't match you at all, and leaves you with dragging sore feet. The same goes with outfits and handbags, shoes attract us ladies, but it doesn't mean that they flatter you. Be reasonable.

If you're aware of types of foot, you will know that they are several types of them - I'm talking about the shape, not the size. Learn about the type of your feet and get to know the right type of soles that goes with them. Some of us can wear a pointed heels, some look good in peep toe, but you can't really look good in all kind of shoes. You can buy shoes at any price, cheap or not, but always find the ones that fits you, in terms of design and shape.

Keep these types of shoes with you:

  • Errands shoes - Errands shoes shouldn't be the soccer mom types. Find a nice design and invest on it. It must be a color that fit the majority of your outfits for running the errands, I would go for all-white, dark brown or dark blue. These three colors usually match normal errands outfits.
  • Working shoes - As for working shoes, that usually go with the type of jobs that you're in. If you're working in the office, I would suggest you go with plain pumps with kitten heels. They usually flatter us all.
  • Outing footwear - Outing footwear are the ones that we always shop for. We'd buy fancy ones and mum ourselves when they hurt our feet. Again, look at your foot type and purchase the type of shoes that go with your feet.

If you're dressing down on a particular day, a glittery shoes can be an accessory. However, if you had very fancy earrings, dangling charmbracelets, oversized handbag with you, tone down with the shoes, or else, you will look like a wardrobe.

The height of your heels depends on the length of your bottom wear. The shorter the pants or skirts, the higher your heels. The longer the skirts, the lower your heels. This is simply a general tips. Nevertheless, it depends on your style and outfit to determine the height of your heels.

As a conclusion...

Everyone can look flattering. It all depends on you to either have the motivation to look your best, or choose to downgrade yourself with a stamping of "dull doll" on your face. Change your daily look. You need to appreciate yourself. I'm not challenging you to be like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton or Kimora. I'm challenging you to freshen up you look, get rid of that frizzy dry hair, and touch up your face. AND Stop making yourself look way older than your real age!

Go and start your day!
Go and start your day! | Source


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