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Use Tend Skin or Scrub? How To Prevent Waxing Ingrown Hairs on Bikini Line Area and Elsewhere Between Waxes

Updated on February 15, 2011

You can win the ingrown hair battle!

Let's face it, ingrown hairs can ruin even the best bikini wax. They are ugly, and they can be uncomfortable. But ingrown hairs aren't a necessary evil that comes from waxing your bikini line — you can beat them back.

Here's a simple two-pronged strategy to get ingrowns under control, and to keep them from forming in the first place: Exfoliate the area one day and use a topical ingrown hair product the next.

Wait two or three days after a fresh wax to start this regimen of alternating exfoliation with a topical treatment, as skin in the bikini area will remain tender and super sensitive for a couple days after you wax.

Japanese beauty cloths are inexpensive, coarse cloths for the bath or shower that work well to slough off dead skin cells that could lead to ingrown hairs.
Japanese beauty cloths are inexpensive, coarse cloths for the bath or shower that work well to slough off dead skin cells that could lead to ingrown hairs.

Tips to exfoliate your bikini area

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, which can build up and make it hard for hair regrowth to break through the skin. Any hair that can't easily break the skin will curl back onto itself, causing an ingrown hair.

I recommend using a Japanese beauty Cloth or some other rough, textured cloth every other day. You can use soap on the cloth if you wish. Simply rub at the area with a circular motion every other day starting three days after your waxing appointment.

Another tack is to find a good loofah and scrub the bikini line with circular motions.

You also can try an exfoliating scrub, like a St. Ives Apricot Scrub for your face or any other scrub you like. Be careful of using a salt scrub on your bikini area, though, as it could sting and irritate that sensitive region.

If you want to go all-natural, you can make a nifty skin exfoliant at home. Just add water to brown sugar and massage onto the area.

Over-the-counter ingrown hair treatment products

A whole host of products promising to eliminate or prevent ingrown hairs are available to buy, and your waxer might even sell some.

Some of these ingrown hair fighting products work better than others. The delivery can range from a solution you apply to a cotton ball, a roll-on — even a night cream!

Tend Skin is perhaps the most widely known and easy-to-find product, but it has a harshly chemical smell and is mostly alcohol anyway, so you may as well just use rubbing alcohol.

I've been known to use PFB Vanish, and it works well, but also has a strong chemical smell, so if you have a sensitive nose, this is not the ingrown hair treatment product for you.

The Art of Shaving makes a product that it sells at its salons and in select department stores like Bloomingdale's, as well as online. Bath & Body Works also sells an ingrown hair prevention product.

And of course, all of these products work on any body part for both men and women, treating ingrown hairs from shaving as well as waxing.


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