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Prevent Warts and Athlete's Foot With Flip Flops - Why You Should Wear Sandals In Public Showers

Updated on June 22, 2009

Why You Should Invest In A Good Pair Of Shower Flip Flops

Public showers are dirty places and, unfortunately, most of us have to deal with them at some point in our lives. At public pools, university dorms, school locker rooms, campgrounds, and more, public showers (and the nasty scum that goes along with them) are everywhere.

Now would an astronaut go to space without a space suit? Probably not, he or she would get killed!! But believe it or not, by taking a shower without some sort of footwear you are taking the same risk (well not quite)! Public showers are cess pools of warts, athlete's foot, and all manner of gross foot fungi. To avoid these painful and irritating pitfalls it's recommended that you wear something on your little feet to prevent yourself from coming in contact with shower scum and filth.

Now in a public shower you have a few options of what you can wear on your feet: water shoes, rubber/plastic sandals, and flip flops... they're all good. However, flip flops are my personal favorite so that's what I am going to be enlightening ya'll on.

Don't want these growin' on your feet.
Don't want these growin' on your feet.

What Kind of Flip Flops Should I Buy For Public Showers?

Well as I've stated before, these showers are grimy places and your feet are going to be getting wet, so you won't want to splurge too much on a nice pair of flip flops. My advice is to get one quality pair for everyday use and one cheap pair of flip flops for shower use.

In the wet shower environment you will want to steer clear of leather flip flops, as this material won't stand up too well to the mold and such. Now some of you might be thinking "but my Olu'Kai Hiapos are made of water resistant leather!" Well if you want to ruin you $100 pair of sandals in the shower, then be my guest, but I'd recommend something much more inexpensive.

The cheap plastic flip flops you'll find at Wal*Mart or Old Navy are best. You can also find some great deals on these online, usually for only a couple of dollars a pair! You'll also beable to find some specialty shower sandals online, with built in holes for proper drainage! I have a pair of these (called Zephyrs) and they've worked wonders in the past.

Basically, just get something rubber and durable.  You can go ahead and buy a nice pair of Olu'Kai or Reef flip flops, but when it comes to disgusting public showers get something cheap and relatively disposable.


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    • ahpoetic profile image

      ahpoetic 8 years ago

      I travel a lot as a tour guide. Flip flops are a great idea.