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Preventing Lipstick Stains on your Teeth

Updated on May 21, 2012

Lipsticks can enhance the look of your makeup dramatically when used correctly. Creating a sweet look? Go for the pastel pinks. Creating a sultry look? Definitely the dark reds. However, there's one problem that most of us face whenever we put on lipsticks - there is a possibility that the lipsticks might stain our teeth and that's a huge makeup faux pas.

Remember the time when your friend pointed to your mouth and whispered, "Your lipstick is on your teeth.". You immediately find yourself trying to wipe the lipstick off but can't exactly do it without bringing too much attention to yourself. Worse still, even after wiping off, faint traces of the lipstick can still be visible. Highly uncomfortable situation.

Enough of this, nobody should be put through this embarrassing experience anymore! Let us explore in this article the little tricks we can do to prevent the lipstick from staining our teeth.

  1. The Index Finger Trick
    After applying your lipstick, pop your index finger into your mouth like you're sucking on a popsicle. Remember to pucker up. Then, pull the finger out. All the excess lipstick on the inner portion of your lips will be drawn out alongside with your finger. We might look silly doing this, but hey, no one is going to look at you put on your makeup, and looking silly by yourself does beat being caught with lipstick stains on teeth by everyone.
  2. The Tissue Paper Trick
    Take a sheet of tissue paper, fold it into half. Then pucker up, put the sheet in between your lips and press your lips together on the tissue paper. This will remove the excess lipstick that you have applied too deep into your lips. You have to keep repeating this until the excess lipstick is removed.
  3. Vaseline Trick
    Apply some Vaseline on your teeth. This prevents the lipstick from sticking onto the surface of your teeth. Even if some stains get on it, it actually becomes easier to remove thanks to the Vaseline layer.
  4. Application Trick
    Proper application of lipstick is half the battle won. Explore around a little about how much lipstick you should apply to obtain the best colour effect while not applying too deep within your lips. The deeper you apply, the higher the chance of the lipstick staining your teeth. Find the best amount and use it as a guideline.
  5. Habitual Trick
    If you have habits such as biting your lips, folding them inwards, rubbing them against your teeth, do your best to consciously prevent yourself from doing so. These actions will directly cause lipstick to stain your teeth and the only way to prevent so is to be aware and reduce the habits.

Hope these little tricks help you in reducing lipstick from staining your teeth. Have fun with your lipstick and go crazy with the colours!


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    • prettypinup profile image

      prettypinup 5 years ago

      great tips, thank you for sharing :)