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Cheap Princess Cut Engagement Rings For 2012

Updated on November 25, 2014

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

When it comes to cut shapes for diamonds, the princess cut is second in popularity only to the round brilliant. The princess cut is remarkable for its distinct rectangular (or square) beveled sides. Despite this added "weight", princess cuts are usually less expensive because they retain more rough diamond (around 80% to a round brilliant's 50%), making them more accessible while no less aesthetically pleasing.

In this article I will research and present my favorite princess cut diamond selections, as well as offer some ideas and background information in order to crystalize your decision making process.

Princess Cut Diamonds

I will be tackling the more expensive kinds of princess cut engagement rings first, so if you're on a budget please scroll past this section!

Having said that however, while being of the highest quality, I have attempted to find the best bargains available, and these selections are strikingly cheap in comparison to many other rings with identical features.

The first of my choices is this 14 karat white-gold (yellow gold shoulder also available) solitaire princess cut ring. I love minimalistic designs (hence my preference for solitaire and princess cuts) and as far as I'm concerned this was the most elegant. Admittedly, for those seeking a more elaborate design this might not fit the bill.

This particular model has the following features:

  • Should the size not be perfect (the offer on the right is a size 5) you can have it re-sized by 1 size, up or down, for free.
  • Guaranteed "non-conflict" diamond (not a blood diamond)
  • Carat weight: 0.23 (1/4 carat)
  • Minimum color: H-I, Minimum clarity: I-SI
  • Bargain price
  • Six month financial planning option for Amazon buyers and free shipping included!

Cheaper Solitaire Engagement Rings

Our hunt for the perfect princess cut engagement ring needn't be expensive, in fact, I find that there is a far bigger selection to browse (with far larger consumer feedback to back it up) at cheaper price ranges such as these. Despite the lower price-tags I will still hold my selection to high-quality standards and features. The following bargains will also primarily be solitaire engagement rings because I find that they are simply more attractive, there will undoubtedly be an exception to this rule now and then, however!

My first choice was this fantastically crafted CZ (Cubic Zirconia) princess-cut ring, set with sterling silver. The main attraction here, other than aesthetics is that it doubles perfectly as a far more expensive ring. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive with an emphasis on looking indistinguishable from a multi-thousand dollar diamond ring. A perfect choice for those who don't want to bankrupt themselves and are looking for a symbol rather than a fully-fledged diamond cut.

Despite many people being reluctant to embrace cubic zirconia as a potential substitute for diamond, there is a middle-ground that may suit both camps.

I picked this particular ring (pictured to the right) because of its classy design (it is almost colorless!) and high quality, despite being quite cheap. It is adorned by a 14k white-gold ring, a 1.5 carat weight CZ with a princess cut, with a high-quality polish finish.

Be advised: Some users claim that the ring seems to run about half a size smaller than usual (most don't -- but I thought I'd mention it!).

There really are a great many choices and flavors when it comes to buying the right engagement ring, I've added more candidates below for you to browse at a glance. The main reason I chose Amazon as a preferred retailer (they serve as the middle-man between producers and consumers, and do not craft the rings themselves) is because of their cheap prices, ample choice and financial options (free, speedy shipping and financial planning for more expensive items).

If you find a better option for showcasing these rings feel free to let me know in the comment section below, thanks!


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    • gemfind20 profile image

      gemfind20 7 years ago from India

      Awesome Hub really loved it will try to do some creative like this.

    • posture99 profile image

      posture99 7 years ago from California

      Always go princess cut! My hubby thankfully went that route :)

    • TheMMAZone profile image

      TheMMAZone 7 years ago from Kansas

      Wow I never knew Amazon sold diamond rings! Good hub lots of interesting stuff!