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Printed maxi skirt outfits

Updated on September 26, 2014

Recently, printed maxi skirts became so popular. You can find here different styles of them!

1st Look!

Most of printed maxi skirts are floral, you can find them in different colors. For this look, we have a pink floral maxi skirt, worn with a denim shirt and a pink scarf!

2nd Look!

Here is a floral maxi skirt too but this time it's blue! The picture shows this skirt with a grey sweater and a blue scarf!

3rd Look!

This one is a dress, but it can be used as a skirt!

4th Look!

Pink or green, a maxi dress can be worn as a maxi skirt with a nice sweater or jacket!

5th Look!

Black and white.. Always black and white! it's the most beautiful combination of colors especially when it's worn with red!

6th Look!

Here's a beautiful dot skirt in two colors: Black and white, and brown and white!

7th Look!

Here's also a black and white skirt, but here the whole outfit is composed of black and white!

8th Look!

Here are the same colors of the 5th look, but the skirt is printed differently, it's a stripped one!

9th Look!

And finally, we have a black and white printed skirt, with a denim jacket, and this time a printed scarf too!

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