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Pro-Line's Hair Food - Personal Product Testimony

Updated on July 29, 2014
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Disclaimer: No endorsement or compensation was given for reviewing this product.

I have suffered from constant and aggravating hair frizz for years due to its curly and thick nature. As a teenager in high school, I always looked unkempt because I thought it was hopeless for me to style it. I hated the consistency and sticky nature of mousses and hairsprays. However, it was obvious that I needed some product to tone it down from its rat’s nest assimilation. It wasn’t until my junior year that I discovered Pro-Line’s Hair Food.

Being that my hair is shoulder-lengthened, it’s my preference to wear it in a ponytail. After showering and washing my hair, I keep the towel wrapped around my head for a few minutes. With the hair being damp, I apply a small finger-tipped amount of Pro-Line’s Hair Food and rub it in both hands and onto my scalp from the roots to the ends. Too much of the product can make it slippery. It locks in the moisture of the water used in the hair wash for an all-day shine and softness.

It’s infusion with vitamins A and E ensures nutritional nourishment for the hair and its growth. The scent given off when uncovering the jar might not be what you’re used to with typical hair ointments, but it’s pleasant and subtle enough to be complimented on how good the hair smells. I’ve used comparable hair foods only to find that they emulated the greasy sensation of Vaseline even when applying a diminutive amount.

Although the jar’s label warns against hair pressing, personally, I’ve found that using a hair dryer in low heat, will actually allow for a smooth and relaxed feel when drying it while damp.

Pro-Line’s Hair Food was found alongside African American hair products at most retailers and was affordable and friendly to other hair types. However, the product has been discontinued.


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    • jcm_blabs profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from My Bunker in the Midwest

      Hi, Kal:

      No. Unfortunately, nothing else has worked for me after Pro-Line did away with their hair food... Still searching for the next best thing.

    • profile image


      3 years ago


      Have you found any alternative for this? I have started using softee but it is no where close to proline hair food

    • jcm_blabs profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from My Bunker in the Midwest

      The label didn't indicate such claim.

    • profile image


      6 years ago



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