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ProActiv Solution

Updated on September 21, 2012

For quite a while, I had been lusting over the idea that ProActiv Solution can get rid of blemishes. I honestly thought it was too good to be true. I never suffered from acne, but the occasional break out was always annoying. Being a victim of stress on a day-to-day basis was making my skin break out with some of the toughest spots imaginable. Having combination/ oily skin was not a dream, but i would prefer it to dry skin.

Unfortunately for me, I am a sucker for celebrity endorsements. I like knowing that I can use the same products as a celebrity. What I should have known is the amount of extra work that they put into their look and skin is something that an average person may not be able to accomplish. Thinks like a lot of sleep and 4 litres of water a day and of course the strict diet. This is something I tried and failed to do. As an Indian, I consume a lot of oily food such as fried food and curries. and luckily for me, before Proactiv, I only had an occasional breakout.

While admiring the skin of people like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Williams and even P.Diddy, I looked up a lot of reviews. Everywhere I looked, I saw mixed reviews. 50% good and 50% bad. I was torn and decided that I wanted to try it. I somehow came down to the conclusion where it didn’t work for people with dry skin but it did work for people with oily skin. So how would it work for combination skin?

So my experience with ProActiv is simple. Here’s what happened.

The first thing I did before ordering Proactiv was to get a moisturiser to use with it as the kit didn’t come with one.

After that, I ordered it and I was really excited when I received it. I tried everything but the refining mask on the 1st day. After one day I saw the one spot I had vanish and I was really pleased. Within that week, I saw more spots popping out of my face on my cheeks, forehead and jaw. I kept using it thinking that the Proactiv would make it disappear. I kept checking the leaflet over and over again to make sure I was using it properly. I was following each direction properly and I know I did.

After a month I watched a video on YouTube.

It confirmed that I was using ProActiv Solution properly and correctly, but I kept breaking out. My face was getting worse and worse. I had big wedding coming up. My cousin, who was close to me like a brother was getting married. And I wanted to look perfect. But my face wasn’t clearing up. I used the refining mask a lot but it didn’t do anything except dry my skin out. I was not happy, but I wanted it to work so bad that I just kept using it. After looking back on the wedding photos, I realised that I had to stop. Also, I was so thankful to Sheer Cover for doing such a great job in covering these ugly blemishes.

Once again, I turned to YouTube to see if there was anything I was doing wrong and I started to see more bad reviews. I saw a lot of people who were turning to products like Cetaphil to clear up what ProActiv caused. And obviously with me following the crowd, I bought Cetaphil. I never really used something that was not exfoliating. But I tried it for as little while and saw that I need to stick to this long term to get the benefits of Cetaphil. But then my mother said something wise.
“Stop putting chemicals on your face. Start to go organic now.”
First I thought, what can a bunch of fruits, nuts and vegetables do for my skin? I really wasn’t sure what to think. I was so young and so niave

Once again YouTube came to the rescue. There is a man on there with his own channel called AcneErasingSecrets. David (The Skin King as he calls himself) did not recommend any product that I had been using in the last two months. He also suggested that going organic is the way. From that point on. I gave up on ProActiv and Cetaphil. And I have not looked back since. Actually I have.

Check out my Videos on ProActiv Solution and my journey going through these products.


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