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Proactiv: Does it Really Work?

Updated on July 10, 2016

I am a long time sufferer of acne. It started around sixth or seventh grade (perfect timing there body...). I am currently nineteen, so that makes it going on seven years of acne problems!

Anyone with acne knows how embarrassing it is to walk around with these glaring blemishes on your face. That feeling of people staring at that instead of you. How expensive it is to try and cover up something that is hardly your fault, though people with perfect skin seem to think otherwise.

My face, back, shoulders, chest, ears, even my thighs at one point, were all affected. It never went away no matter what cleaners I did. I tried facials, alcohol, various face washes, leaving it be, but nothing worked.

I had seen the commercials for Proactiv many times over the years. As someone with acne, it always caught my ears. I denied buying it for a few years, however, because I thought I was handling it quite nicely, despite it never fully clearing up. My dad always suggested it to me (in a way that wasn't actually suggesting).

I finally got my first taste when my friend let me use some of hers on a retreat we went on. She was telling me how amazing it was for her and how easy it was to use. I used it a total of two times on the trip and was blown away. In just two applications my skin started looking much better and the redness and swelling of the blemishes went down considerably.

My mom bought me Proactiv for Christmas a few years ago. This is where I got the first real look at what it could do for me. It was a 30-day supply of their original three step solution and it worked wonders. The thing about Proactiv, I found out, is that if you stop using it after the 30-days, your problem comes right back. I was back to various cleaners and even medication at one point (which actually worked but I never went back to that doctor).

About a month ago I finally gave in and dished out around thirty dollars to get their new formula. I also received the free gift: a scrub brush that came with a different wash for the back and shoulders. The brush was a total bust, but I continued using the wash because it worked very well for me.

At first I was not getting the same results I had gotten before. My acne actually worsened for a few days. This mostly had to do with the influx of chemicals after using natural facials for about a year, but I was highly discouraged all the same. So after a week I stopped using it regularly. I interchanged it often with an Apple Cider Vinegar facial I was doing at the time. The combination actually wasn't too bad on my acne or skin, though that vinegar really smells like apples and pickles.

Finally, about three days ago, my 60-day supply came in the mail. When you order online, you are sort of forced into a monthly or bi-monthly shipping of the product. You can stop them at any time by calling, but I figured why not try again the next time around. So here it was, my next shipment of something that worked pretty amazingly for me in the past, along with a body bar for shoulders/chest/back acne.

That first application reminded me why I ordered it in the first place. My skin looked amazing and my blemishes reduced in redness incredibly fast. I am now on day three and still loving everything about it. That body bar, by the way, is pretty much magical. It cleared my shoulders and arms after one wash! I have never been so impressed by a product before in my life.

I highly recommend Proactiv to anyone out there dealing with acne that is losing hope in clearing it any time soon. Stick to it!

My routine: I do the first treatment when I wake up and then the second before going to sleep. If it's a shower day I will just wash my face then instead of whichever treatment I would normally do. Simple as that. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. They are there for a reason!

Don't give up on it if you don't get that perfectly clear skin the first week or even month. Like an type of treatment, it takes time and patience.

4 stars for Proactiv Acne Treatment


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