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Celina Jaitley Endorsed Proactiv Solution - Does This Acne Solution Work?

Updated on October 28, 2012

Is Proactiv Solution Effective?

Proactiv Solution is the acne solution that seems to be working wonders everywhere. Do you face acne problems? Are you thinking of purchasing Proactiv Solution but having doubts about it? Read this review first.

If you are from outside India you might have seen many celebrities endorsing this product like Jennifer Berry. In India, Celina Jaitley seems to swear by this product. How effective is this acne solution that seems so tempting to everyone with severe acne problems? Let's find out.

Did Proactiv Solution Work For Me? Read On To Find Out.

I am not prone to much acne but I do get them now and then. I decided to give it a try once because yes, I got tempted from all the TV promotions. I loved the clear complexions of all those celebrities and Proactiv users. I asked my cousin from U.S to get it from Amazon instead because I don't trust ordering via TV promos. When she came down, she handed the set containing a toner, cleanser and a repairing lotion.

The Renewing Cleanser is meant to wash away the excess oil.

The Revitalizing Toner is used to balance your skin tone.

The Repairing lotion is meant to attack and kill bacteria.

The result? I was satisfied with the product for a month or so. I mean, I was really happy! My face seemed a lot clearer. But I guess after that my skin got used to the entire treatment and stopped reacting of sorts. That's just my view by the way. It seems to have worked over months for many of the customers and I think it might depend on your skin type. Mine is a combination skin type of both oily and dry.

Proactiv Solution Popular Products

Where Can I Buy The 3 Step Treatment Proactiv Solution Kit?

You can get it from their official website - Proactiv. But I have heard horror stories of people having to pay more than required and how it is best to look for one at a local store where you can get one for around $25.

If you are looking to shop from home itself, it's better to go for Amazon. I have listed down popular Proactiv products at the side other than the 3 step treatment offered by Proactiv which you might like. This includes the Proactiv mask which is getting rave reviews and is being liked better than the whole set in itself.


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