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Product Review: Bremod Hair Color in Rich Velvet Blond

Updated on February 26, 2017

Bremod Products

Bremod, at least in my country, is a well-known brand for hair care. Although it is made in China, the product really delivers. I am satisfied with my do-it-yourself hair coloring session using Bremod Hair Color tube and oxiding lotion. There are other Bremod products in the market such as Hot Oil, Hair Spa and Hair Rebonding, and the price is cheap, although not the quality. The quality is just right for my taste. I cannot promise you salon-like quality but in my book their products pass quality control.

Bremod Hair Color and Oxidizer
Bremod Hair Color and Oxidizer

Why I Settled for Bremod

I'm a cheapskate for my hair care needs so I tried Lolane Pixxel Hair Color and HBC Hair Color. These are hair dyes in a tube so you mix them with an oxidizing lotion (6%, 9%, or 12%) in equal parts. Lolane and HBC already have affordable products but I find it a hassle to purchase them because the stores that sell them are far away from our house.

Then a grocery store, which was very near our place, started selling Bremod products. At first I was hesitant to try it because I was shocked at the price. It's dirt cheap! I'm still mind-boggled as to how they can price it so low, and I surmised that it was probably because it will really fry your hair after using it. But I can't be too sure of that so I bought a set (hair color tube plus developer) just to try it out.

Rich Velvet Blond (8.7)

Rich Velvet Blond (8.7)

The hard part about buying a Hair Color is that it really doesn't give you accurate results. Moreso, if the store selling them doesn't have any hair color chart. Google helped little with what color I should pick. I have no idea how many hair colors Bremod is selling and the low quality photos I found in google make me guess that Bremod hair dyes give a dark version of other hair dyes out there.

I was liking light ash brown for my black locks but I know from experience that putting brown hair dye on hair won't give an obvious tinge to an already black tresses, so I opted to buy ash blonde. Unfortunately, color selection was limited because of availability at the said store: they weren't selling any blonde hair dyes except for this Rich Velvet Blond in 8.7. To top it off, they were only selling 6% oxidizer so I guess that time that it will only give me a dark brownish tinge. Well, 8.7 is a high number already for a hair color, so my hopes were still up that the set would give me at least a satisfying result.

For starters, if your hair is black and you want an obvious brown shade on your hair, opt for a light blonde color. It will give you brassy yellow or rusty orange result, though. But you can tone it down with blue or green food dye mixed with white conditioner.

Steps to Hair Coloring

Bremod tube box doesn't really help because of lopsided English. But here's what I do if I decide to color my hair:

  1. 2 weeks before the hair coloring session, deep condition your hair 3x a week.
  2. 24 hours before you start hair coloring, do not shampoo nor give your hair any styling or hair treatment products.
  3. Mix equal parts of hair color tube and oxidizing lotion in a plastic container.
  4. Section your hair into 4 parts and start applying hair color down up, from the tips to the roots.
  5. Wait for an hour for the color to develop.
  6. Thoroughly rinse your hair, then use a daily conditioner afterwards if the hair coloring set doesn't come with after hair treatment.

I remove my clothes and stay in the bathroom the whole coloring session. I also don't apply petroleum jelly around my hairline and let the dye fade every time I take a bath.

At first you it will look like nothing happened or you will see a dark shade of color on your hair. If you dry it out and go out and stand in front of the sun, you will see visible results.


I really have black hair but prior to applying Bremod Hair Dye, I already have a fading HBC light ash brown color in my hair. But I think it helped little in adversing or tweaking the effect of the Bremod Hair Dye.

I like the result. Although in bright sunlight my hair would sometimes appear yellowish. If I face south when the sun is high up, it looks brownish; if I face west, it looks yellowish.

The set was too much for my hair (100g for color tube, 100g for oxidizer) compared to others (60g tube, 60 oxidizer). I even discarded some of the mixture down the drain. This was on chin-length hair. I think a set would be enough for shoulder length hair.

The Hair Color reeked, like other cheaply made hair dyes. It did find the chemical odor to have a slight nice fragrance. The odor will last up to three days, even with regular shampooing.

Hair Before Bremod Hair Color

After Bremod Hair Color (South)

After Bremod Hair Color (West)


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