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Product Review: Derma Wand: Is It Really That Good?

Updated on November 20, 2013

Things That Really Do What They Claim To

Derma Wand Natural Facelift Device
Derma Wand Natural Facelift Device

The Derma Wand is a small hand held facial rejuvenation device that’s based on micro current technology. This technology has been around for roughly 50 years and the Derma Wand claims to be a smaller version of similar micro current machines used in Spas around the globe. The Derma Wand brand has been on the market for some time now, withstood the test of time and still retains its popularity. Yes, it’s really that good.

Although now not the only facial toning micro current device on the market, the Derma Wand delivers on its claims to rejuvenate the face.

This device, like other similar facial devices, creates a series of small electrical impulses that massage the face. These safe, painless impulses help tighten and tone the skin. They also improve circulation to the skin and stimulate collagen production (which declines greatly as we age and is responsible for healthy, firm skin appearance). As if that weren’t enough, the Derma Wand draws oxygen and vital nutrients to the surface of the skin. In doing all this, the machine can reduce or even eliminate fine lines and sagging skin.

Some benefits of Derma Wand Use:

-Sagging skin appears lifted and toned
-Wrinkles begin to fade and over time, disappear altogether
-Eye bags and puffiness are eliminated
-Poor skin texture and large pores are restored for a clearer, brighter
-Lip lines are eliminated, lips plumped

Results with micro current devices like the Derma Wand are seen almost immediately which is likely responsible for its popularity as an anti-aging alternative. Indeed, droopy eyelids “lift” suddenly and lip lines can drastically be reduced with only a few applications. Treatments can be done as often as one chooses at a sparse three minutes per treatment. Am and pm treatments are advised for a quick six minutes a day.

The effects of using the Derma Wand are cumulative as well so, the more treatments you have, the more improvement in your face. At a price point under $100, this device is highly cost effective compared to equivalent Spa treatments.

Lighweight and portable, the Derma Wand is very easy to use and full instructions are included in the kit. A small dial rests conveniently on the bottom of the device for increasing intensity of the electrical impulses as one continues its use. The instructions include descriptions of movement direction and impulse intensity for all areas of the face as well.

There are few caveats in using the Derma Wand although anyone with a pacemaker, heart or serious medical condition likely needs to avoid using it. It's important to realize that this is an electronic device. Short of that, speed, efficiency, convenience and price all speak to the continuing popularity of the Derma Wand as a highly effective and viable anti-aging facial device.

For more natural facelift product reviews, go to

Another interesting website: All About The Dermawand

An Interesting Alternative To The Dermawand

While many people have clearly benefited from using the Dermawand over the years, some folks just aren't comfortable using electrical devices on their faces.

Derma rollers, small hand held devices that are relatively new, may offer an interesting alternative for natural wrinkle removal. The small rollers on the end of a derma roller have micro needles (like used in acupuncture) embedded in them. One simply rolls this device back and forth 4-5 times over the affected skin area (top to bottom and diagonally) which stimulates natural collagen production, repairing the skin. Derma rollers can be used by both men and women, all over the body. These nifty new devices have been researched and used for reducing or eliminating: wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and other scars, cellulite and hair loss.

For more information about derma rollers and their use please CLICK HERE.


NuFace From Amazon

Is The Dermawand Safe to Use?

I was recently asked this question and while I've used the device for many years, I decided to take it to my own doctors, both MD's and Naturopaths. Both doctors approved this microcurrent device given its' low frequency current.

I would add to that that you know yourself best. If you have a heart condition or any kind of serious health issues, I personally would approach any electrical devices that you use on a daily basis with considerable caution. Having said that, if you do have concerns but still want to use something like a Dermawand, take it to your doctor (an ad describing the device) and get his or her opinion before you begin with any daily regimen utilizing microcurrent technology.

If Anyone Has Used a Dermawand, Please leave your comments here

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    • profile image

      CHARLOTTE63 19 months ago


    • profile image

      Johnd46 3 years ago

      This is really interesting, You're a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks! bdedbkgedcbe

    • profile image

      Rhonda 3 years ago

      I've bought many things in my lifetime to try and stay young, and this the only thing I still use, why? Because it does exactly what it says on the tin. I don't over do it, it was purchased when I was 38. I use it twice a month now with a vitamin E cream, and at the age of 43 I have no wrinkles around my eyes at all, I have a small frown line that is half the size it was 10 years ago. If I get any spot on my face the Derma wand works it's magic. I recommend you buy this product, use a good vitamin cream and don't over do it as the collagen forms over a few days.

    • profile image

      sundaran 3 years ago

      Hi .. I have plan to buy this product ... Is there any disadvantages?

    • titi6601 profile image

      titi6601 3 years ago

      I am thinking of purchasing the Dermawand. Do you know if they also improve cellulite appearance?

    • profile image

      Barbara 4 years ago

      Comparing Nuface Trinity and wrinkle remover head: please state the difference and do both use same level of micro current? Thank you.

    • profile image

      Michele 4 years ago

      If I use it for 3 months everyday. Then temporarily slow down for a week or 2, does it just disappear after the 3 months. Do the improvements just fall apart in a day or 2?

    • wirewoman profile image

      wirewoman 5 years ago

      The Dermawand does help to stimulate collagen and improve circulation.

    • profile image

      Vicky 5 years ago

      And just for the people who didn't know:

      Collageen makes your skin tighter that is why they say in the commercial that Derma Wand can remove those.

    • profile image

      Vicky 5 years ago

      I bought the Derma Wand thinking it was probably crap but I seriously saw results after 1 day of use. The spots on my face disapeared with 25% after 1 day. After 1 week I was a very happy woman. What Derma Wand does:

      It heats the skin to a certain temperature which causes the lower and middle skin layer to heat up. When your middle skin layer is heated up enough it makes new collageen and narrows areas that causes pimples. I love that machine, it is totally staying in my collection !!

      People who say it doesn't work, may use it wrong. Just make sure you heat your skin up enough by constantly providing Derma Wand treatment in the problem skin area.

    • profile image

      PHD 5 years ago

      Has anyone had problems with Dermawand? I have developed an area on one cheek that has a thickened area of tissue about the size of of a half dollar after using the Dermawand for several weeks. I have been to numerous doctors. None have yet been able to determine why this happened. Has anyone has had a similar experience?

    • wirewoman profile image

      wirewoman 5 years ago

      Yes, you do need to use it regularly to maintain the results. If I were you, I'd talk to my doctor about the effects of using a microcurrent device before purchasing.

    • profile image

      Shelly 5 years ago

      Hi I haven't actually used one but I was thinking of buying one but I needed to know if it was safe to use. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I needed some info but I haven't gotten any real answers that help. Please post if you find anyone that actually got important info on the medical questions about it's safety especially where it concerns MS. Because it's too expensive for most ppl to get one to take to there doctor and ask them to go over it & answer their concerns. Oh and I know it has immediate results but if you don't use everyday do the effects disappear for good until you start using it again? Thanks for your input on this item.