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Product Review: Get Yourself Some Floracologie Orange Flower Body Wash!

Updated on August 18, 2012

Are you a big fan of citrussy, lemony, orangey scents, something yummily sharp, fresh and delicate? (Or bergamot, pink grapefruit or mandarin for that matter – really, whatever floats your boat!) If so then you’re almost certain to adore Floracologie Orange Flower Body Wash. It’s a shower product designed to contain pure essential oils – rose, mandarin, orange flower – as well as certain Bach flower remedies (clematis, hornbeam, wild rose, olive and gentian), popular with many people as complementary treatments for a number of psychological states and conditions. They're meant to put a little pep in your step!

Floracologie also do a bath soak with this same gorgeous, tangy scent, but if a shower is more your style than a long soak in the tub then the body wash may be just the thing for you. The wash is quite reasonably priced for a two hundred and fifty milliliter (8.45 fluid ounce) squeezy tube, and lasts well for quite a number of showers and hair washes. It foams up excellently well and goes a long way, and you can't beat that fresh, sharp scent!

The orange blossom is also a traditional bridal bloom, so any of you out there with any marital intentions may see fit to try it out as a terrific accompaniment to your grooming preparations for your big day. Alternatively, if it's someone you know who's getting hitched, then maybe the bride would appreciate some suitably maritally-themed grooming products for the build-up to the nuptials.

If you're thinking of giving Floracologie products as a present, then, may I say excellent choice? The packaging is rather classy – a subdued dark royal blue, combined with matt printed logo on a white background, and beautiful floral decoration. They're sure to be an acceptable birthday or Christmas present, no matter who you choose to give them to!


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