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Product Review: Loreal Aqua Proof Creme Eye Shadow

Updated on July 17, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


Why Did I Want This Product?

Eye shadow is a great type of make up that makes a woman's eye color look more noticeable. When I was younger, I used to swim a lot during summer. I also got tired of reapplying my make up after a swimming. Every time I would shower, I had to redo my make up. It got to be a pain having to do my eyes all the time.I don't use cover up; I only do my eyes.


My Thoughts & Where to Find it

This eye shadow is way different than other eye shadows. You don't use a bristle brush. You use a brush that looks like a lip gloss applicator. I like feature, because it make it easier to apply and it does on evenly. It is a crème eye shadow instead of powder which is interesting. I like the crème, because it's what makes it waterproof. It also stays on way longer than other eye shadows. There is only a few colors of this type of eye shadow, but I always look good with a lavender color for my eyes. It also has shimmery glitter added to it which makes the eye lids sparkle. You get a good amount, so it lasts you for awhile. It's cheap and easy to apply.

It took me years trying to find this type of product. It used to be sold in stores, but now it is only sold online. I provided a link below, if you decide you want to try the product. The one below is a green color. There is more colors on amazon.

Compared to Other Products

Crème eye shadow seems to last longer than powder eye shadow. It is also water proof. I have never tried a water proof powder one. From personal experience, I have used powder eye shadows and they seem to get in my eyes causing irritation. This kind doesn't which makes me feel better knowing that I'm not going to get any in my eye.


© 2017 Brittany Banks


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