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Product Review: NYX Skinny Eye Liner

Updated on July 18, 2017
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I wanted to find a eye liner that didn't make me look like a raccoon. A lot of females use a lot of eye liner and make it look fancy. I don't care about making it look fancy. I apply it on the bottom of my eyes on the outside of the skin. A lot of eye liners are really thick and hard to apply. I wanted to find something that was easy to apply and I did.


My Thoughts & Where to Find it

I like this brand, because it doesn't cause irritation. It is retractable which is a good feature. It's not messy or needs sharpened. Other brands of crayon eye liner are thicker. This type is 1.5mm and is easy to apply. It is cheap as well. I spent years trying to find a eye liner that doesn't make my eyes look horrible and this one does work. Some places will accept a receipt with used product. If you don't like it, you can try to return it.

Target, Ulta Beauty, and online are the only places I can find this type of eye liner. Some places do not carry this brand. I have provided a link below if you would like to give it a try.

Compared to Other Types

I like using retractable crayon eye liner, because it causes less irritation than other kinds of eye liner. Liquid eye liner is runny and it never stays on that long. Pencil eye liner causes my eyes to be red and puffy. That kind always requires a pencil sharpener as well which sucks. If you are similar to me, I suck at using a manual pencil sharpener. The pencil sharpener will waste some of it which causes you to buy more quickly. I like the skinny type, because I don't do nothing too fancy. The thicker kind will go on thicker than I like. It really depends on what you prefer. Having a skinnier type will let you do some detail work and make it easier on you.


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