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Product Review Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Manicure

Updated on September 11, 2016
Wanting to look like a lady of leisure with a perfect manicure is attainable with this manicure set.
Wanting to look like a lady of leisure with a perfect manicure is attainable with this manicure set. | Source

Nutra Nails Gel Manicure Looks Really Good

I have been seeing a lot more color on finger nails in the past year than I have for a long time. Women have been getting the so called "French" Manicure, with a natural colored nail bed and a white tip. Often this has been done with acrylic and gel nails, which were pretty, but a bit boring, since everyone was sporting the same look.

When I spoke with a friend of mine who is a manicurist, she introduced me to the color gel manicure. I was excited about the prospect of this, mainly because I had read online that with some of the product lines, there was no need to use a UV light, and no need to file down the tops of the nails to increase adhesion.

Looking at the finished product, it was really pretty. I was able to get in my purse and grab my car keys as soon as my manicure was complete. That was a refreshing change. Also incredible was the fact that this manicure really did last for 2 weeks with no chips or nicks. (Except for one finger that I caught in a door.) That one did have what I will call polish fracture. My friend graciously redid this one nail for a nominal fee.

The comments and complements that I received from my manicure were really nice. I wanted to get another manicure done, but the cost was a bit staggering. $60.00 for a manicure? No, thanks.

At Home Manicure and Pedicure, Please

I have done my nails at home for a long time. Only when splurging for some special occasion do I go and get them done in a salon. Countless videos online have helped me to get better at creating manicures and pedicures that I am not ashamed of.

There is something about the look of a professionally done manicure that I could not seem to duplicate. I tried applying very thin coats of polish, very thick coats, normal coats, nothing seemed to bring me the results of a salon manicure.

I saw a product review on tv one morning with friends. The segment addressed all of the different types of colored polishes and gel treatments that were available. I was most interested in the line from Nutra Nail, because you did not have to file your nails, and you did not have to use a UV light. This sounded really promising for me.

I called my girlfriend who does nails for a living, and she encouraged me, telling me to read the directions very carefully, making sure that I understood everything before I proceeded.

Directions..Confusing at First, But Well Worth a Read

The directions included with the Nutra Nail seemed to be a bit confusing at first, so I re-read them a few times.

Basically, you are going to be doing a mad dash of painting your nails. It will be the fastest thing that you have ever done in manicures because you have to get the activator on, and then apply the color before the activator dries. You will do this twice. That is correct. Twice. The instructions even mention that if the color looks "watery" on the first coat, don't worry, just follow the directions and apply a second round of product.

The instructions say that you need to make sure that your nails need to be clean and free of any product, including old nail polish, lotions and creams,and anything else on the nail bed. Make sure that you do this. I did it on a set of test nails to see if there was a difference in quality, and there really was. I had one nail with a little lotion on it, one nail with cream, one nail with old polish, and finally, I had one nail that I rubbed fragrance on. The results were less than astounding. It looked like I had a manicure done by a 3 year old without a nap.

Carefully cleaning my nails, I went on to do my real manicure. A tip. Get a makeup applicator swab (cotton tip disposable kind) and lightly use some sort of petroleum or non-petroleum jelly. Apply this to your cuticles. Make sure that you don't get any on your nails.

I made sure that I had all of the tools needed. The Nutra Nail Gel kit, paper towels, a sturdy work surface, and good lighting. I turned my phone off since my first reaction is to answer the phone, and I did not want to smudge this manicure!

You have to open all three bottles and leave them open for the manicure. You are cautioned in the instructions to only do one hand at a time. Follow the instructions!

First, you apply the activator gel. BE GENEROUS with the applicator gel. Make sure you get the tip of your nail and the underside, as directed in the instructions.

Second, apply the color. It will look watery on the first application. Don't worry. It is supposed to. This layer is mixing with the gel, creating a strong base for you.

Switch the brush between the color and the brush cleaner after wiping it thoroughly on the paper towel as directed. This is to remove all of the activator gel that the brush picks up.

Second time around, apply the activator gel to each nail, and then the color. Switch the brushes from the cleaner and the color back to their original bottles as shown in the directions.

Allow to dry for two minutes. When I was allowing mine to dry, I used my other hand to throw away my paper towels, rearrange my product bottles, and re-read the directions.

After your second hand is done, look at the results. I was amazed how good and shiny my nails looked. The color I chose was Tango, a bright red-orange. Total cost for my manicure? $9.98, with enough product in the bottle to do about 15 or 20 manicures by my estimate.

Comments from Others, and How Long Has it Lasted?

I have to mention here that men do not usually comment on my nails. Since I have done this manicure, I have gotten tons of comments from women and a few from men. They have all said how pretty and nice my nails look.

My nails, have not chipped, cracked, or worn down at all. They have grown out much the same as an acrylic set of nails. Rather than do a fill, which I don't think I could do, I will soak each hand for two minutes in 100 percent acetone and then remove the polish.

I also did a pedicure with the same color, and it still looks as fresh as the day I did it. I will be using this product again, for sure!

At Home Gel Manicure

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