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Product Review: StriVectin-SD vs. Origins Skincare Including Plantscription Serum

Updated on March 22, 2013
StiVectin-SD vs. Origins...who will the winner be?
StiVectin-SD vs. Origins...who will the winner be?

All the Hype

I read the beauty, fashion and fitness magazines. I see the ads, read the articles, hear the hype over certain anti-aging products. In case you didn't know this, both good and not-so-good beauty products are expensive! My wallet cannot afford for me to "kiss too many frogs" before I finally find my price charming of anti-aging products!

So, who do you believe? The ads? The magazine editors? Remember, those models in the wrinkle reducer ad are probably less than 30 years old (except Andie MacDowell and she has probably seen a surgeon). And the magazine editors are no better. I'm sure there's some under-the-table wheeling and dealing going on regarding certain products. So here's my honest opinion of two popular anti-wrinkle, anti-aging lines: StiVectin-SD and Origins.

My Stats

Let me start off by sharing my facial issues, in case yours are similar or different, and you can compare. I am white. My skin is combination with a tendency toward dry. Problem areas for me are under eye circles and redness at my nose. Since I am in my early 40s, wrinkles are beginning to creep in around my mouth and my forehead.


From their website: Only StriVectin formulas have our patented, clinically proven NIA-114 molecule (Niacin), discovered in skin cancer research to help rebuild the skin barrier. NIA-114 powers up skin to help repair damage and fight off all visible signs of aging for a youthful look and feel. Strivectin’s proven equation. To target specific skin-aging concerns, we combine our NIA-114 molecule with proven, technologically advanced age-fighting actives. What does that mean for you? More age fighting power for skin that doesn’t act its age.

Apparently, the SD line is exclusively for fighting wrinkles.

When I purchased the StriVectin, I got it in a set, hoping to save a little money. I received:

  • Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles
  • facial scrub
  • sunscreen
  • Eye Concentrate

Purchased at Macy's for $99.

Results: My favorites of this line were the eye cream (saw results within a week) and the facial scrub (felt sooo good) as well as the sample of the neck cream. Not so happy with the concentrate for wrinkles. I didn't really see any results, even after using the 2 fluid ounces. And the sunscreen? You can find a less expensive one with the same SPF.

Origins Plantscription

I just happened to be reading some health type of magazine when I stumbled across an article about different types of facial products. The write-up on the Plantscription line from Origins piqued my attention. I had been talking to a friend about the benefits of Retin-A. If you've ever used that product before, then you know you have to use it carefully. My face peeled which is why I stopped using it. Plus, it loses its effectiveness if you go in the sun. I spend almost every day in the sun between playing tennis or jogging or walking the dog. As I read the article, it mentioned how Plantscription serum was shown to be 85% as effective as Retin-A but without the sun sensitivity!

Over the holidays I purchased a starter set of Origins which included:

  • GinZing under eye cream
  • daily moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Mircoderm Facial Scrub
  • Plantscription Serum

Purchase price $55 from Sephora.

My favorite products were the moisturizer and the serum. I noticed more of a reduction in my forehead wrinkles with the Origins product than I did with the StriVectin product. The Origins eye cream was about the same effectiveness as the StriVectin but the microderm facial scrub was a big bust.

Quick Results

Best anti-wrinkle
Plantscription Serum
Saw more results
Best value
product lasted for months
Best undereye cream
both reduced dark circles
Best facial scrub
gritty yet gentle, little goes a long way
Which product will I purchase again?
Plantscritpion Serum
saw real results


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