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Product Review: The Body Shop Toiletries

Updated on July 29, 2017

I have had the rare pleasure of using products from one of the most luxurious brands in my eyes that there are on the surface of the planet earth, the body shop package including a body scrub, a body lotion that they term as body butter, a shower gel, a soap and most importantly a loofah to use the product.

My first impression of what the box looked like was, if it was a gift from God from heaven. The box is green, I still have it, I stare at it every day as soon as I wake up in the morning, I have placed it right in the line of my sight. It glitters and glimmers with words describing all the nice things, in silver pen it reads Nature Loving, Ingredient Juicing, Body Rocking, World Enriching, Goodness Making, Life Changing, and then in the bottom line, the bold announcement of the brand, The Body Shop. The symbols used in the decoration of the script are quite interesting as well.

The box was bound in green shiny ribbon tied in a neat knot. I carefully unwrapped the ribbon and proceeded to opening the box. The products were fixed neatly in their slots carved out exactly in their shapes. My olfactory senses were delighted by the most enticing fragrance, it smelled like cleanliness and hygiene. Everything was green. Beautiful, I thought, for the reason that it was a product containing olive oils.

The loofah was nice and suitably sized, well thought out to be used comfortably in taking an effective bath. Also easy to wash out afterwards. It is difficult to use loofah others have been using, it is good to have a personal one. There is no way to use shower gel if there is no loofah for that purpose.

The packaging of the actual product was as expected at par with the outward packaging. The bottles were nice and compact, holding enough product for sufficient use.

The shower gel was surprisingly very foaming and a small amount happened to be enough for a nice bath. The purpose of using shower gel in my opinion is that it does not clog any of the jewelery you have been wearing, it is a comfortable bath with ornaments in place, the ornaments need their bath too. The experience of using a good quality shower gel makes one feel like a princess. The soap for me had many purposes, that was the first product that I started using, I used it just to wash my face at first, the results were good. The soap is oily, as compared to the shower gel which is not quite oily but doesn’t leave the skin dry either. It provides a nice lather and cleans the skin thoroughly as well as moisturizes it. Then I decided to use the soap for bathing, after using the shower gel just to get the oils on my skin. And the results were again really good.

My mother had hidden the shampoo from me, from my previous blogs I understand people know her nature, she likes to keep me on my toes.

So I decided to use it as a shampoo and surprise surprise, my hair felt better than I had been using the shampoo. It probably killed a lot of lice in head too, my head just wasn’t as scratchy anymore. So the soap had multiple purposes for me, it is quite an amazing product. It is not harsh as many of the soaps can be to the skin, very mild yet very effective.

Moving on to the scrub, it is a great product for removing dead skin cells and also to moisturize. The grit meant to clean dead cells, is gentle and not harsh to the skin, there are scrubs in the market that almost injure the skin because of the harsh edges of the grit used in the scrub.I have been using it to remove black heads on my nose, a bit of hard scrubbing on the affected area is enough to give good results. The body butter smells heavenly, I have been stingy in its use, I have been using it on my face and my hands only. It is not quite rich, it is a very light consistency but feels very nourishing and moisturizing on my skin.

The company itself stands for good ethical practices and high standards of quality. So in conclusion, the packaging itself is candy for the eye, the products are effective and luxurious meant to do what they claim, moisturize, nourish, nurture, excite and pamper. Good to smell, view and touch, the products are meant to please the senses.


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