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I Found the Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin! Product Review of Mattify Incredi-Gel

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Punkmarkgirl is a freelance writer with a passion for DIY projects & makeup, who specializes in finding the best products for oily skin.

I have searched the world over in search of moisturizer for oily skin. Let me tell you, it is nearly impossible to find a good moisturizer that won’t clog your pores if you have acne prone and oily skin.

Refreshing Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin
Refreshing Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin

For years, I’ve been reading articles that state how important it is NOT to skip moisturizer if your skin is oily. Doing so will only cause more oil production. **GASP** Mother of God, NO! Due to a lack of products for oily skin on store shelves, I had been completely ignoring this rule. And therefore, my skin has remained excessively oily. Every moisturizer I tried seemed to leave a greasy film on my face, which did not get along with my foundation. My face is oily enough without adding an additional layer of grease under my makeup!

Moisturizer for Oily Skin – Only for Men?

Previously, I would either use no moisturizer at all, or a men’s moisturizer. Yep, you heard me. For some reason, many cosmetic companies think that men’s skin is oilier than women’s – so you will often find many brands that carry oil-free or oil absorbent face products for men. Last Christmas when I placed an order from Sephora, I received a sample of Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturizer. This product absorbed fairly well, but still felt a little too emollient. It also contained Glycolic Acid, to which my skin is rather sensitive. I’ve been using this moisturizer a few times a month for the past year – especially during the change of seasons, when my complexion can’t decide if it wants to be oily or dry. I was afraid of over-moisturizing and causing breakouts.

…Enter My Moisturizer Super Hero, Incredi-Gel

Last month, I received an email from my favorite makeup company (Mattify Cosmetics) announcing their new Incredi-Gel Moisturizer for oily skin. The company specializes in products for oily skin - and they are the creators of my #1 can’t live-without Holy Grail product called Mattify ULTRA Powder. Since I’ve used so many of their products with success, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Mattify Incredi-Gel.

Incredi-Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin
Incredi-Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin | Source

Incredi-Gel is THE Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin!

After receiving the shipment, I hurriedly washed my face, and applied the Incredi-Gel Moisturizer for oily skin. It had a refreshingly cool feel as I applied it, which kind of woke me up at the end of my long work day.

During the first 10 seconds or so, it felt rather sticky. I was about to be disappointed…but faster than I could grumble about my fear of another ‘gooey moisturizer gone bad’ the product had actually absorbed into my skin. Really? I patted my face with my finger tips to see if it was true. There was no residue, no oily feel, and no more stickiness. In sheer shock, I decided to apply another layer, to see what would happen. Again – no residue! My skin was drinking up this moisturizer like it had been stuck in the Sahara for eternity.

How do you know if your oily skin needs moisturizer?

After you wash & dry your face, does it feel like your skin shrunk? This super tight feeling of your skin being too small for your face means it is short on moisture. After washing, your skin shouldn’t shrivel up like a dried prune. It should feel supple and hydrated, with few visible lines. There also shouldn’t be any dry or scaly patches.

The Ultimate Test – Would Incredi-Gel Destroy my Liquid Foundation?

Before I got too excited, I had to test the product for a few days, and see how it reacted with my foundation. I’ve been fooled by moisturizers before, so I have trust issues! With some products I’ve previously tried, it seemed they had absorbed into my skin, only to find they somehow melted under my foundation, leaving behind a sticky, slick mess.

The next morning, I did my usual routine: exfoliate / wash with tea tree oil face wash / spot apply salicylic acid to blemishes. Then, I applied the Incredi-Gel Moisturizer & waited a few minutes before using the Mattify Ultra Powder as a primer & proceeding to use my Dinair Foundation. Three hours later, my skin was barely beginning to shine, and didn’t have a sticky, heavy feeling.

I’ve now used Incredi-Gel for 1 month and my skin feels more balanced than ever. It is still oily, of course (that seems to be a curse of genetics), but not as oily as it was before. Also, it no longer has that ‘shrunken head’ feeling after washing. It looks more vibrant, and has a natural glow that it never had before. Although I never drink soda & constantly stay hydrated internally, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my skin. I now see that it was topically moisture deprived & begging for hydration.

**An extra tip for those with oily skin: Try using Dinair airbrush makeup in place of heavy drugstore foundations. I discovered it a few years ago, and found that you don't need the complicated spray gun for application (see below). It's a water based & oil-free foundation that lasts forever, even during humid weather.

How to Apply Dinair Air Brush Makeup Without a Spray Gun

Dinair Water Resistant Foundation - Makeup for Oily Skin

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply Dinair Airbrush Foundation without using the expensive & messy spray gun. It's very simple, and this light weight waterproof makeup lasts forever on oily skin types!

Aloe Vera Plant Gel  Benefits Oily Skin
Aloe Vera Plant Gel Benefits Oily Skin

Why is Aloe Vera Gel Good for Oily & Acne Prone Skin?

The main component of Incredi-Gel Moisturizer is Aloe Vera. Aloe Gel comes from the center of Aloe Vera plant leaves. It is widely touted in the world of natural health for its healing & anti-inflammatory properties. You know how Aloe Gel can take down the redness & irritation of a sunburn? Well it does the same to acne. If you have breakouts, you will notice that the aloe gel decreases redness & helps them heal faster. Not only does aloe help your skin retain moisture (so it won’t have to over-compensate by producing more oil) but it also promotes the growth of new cells – to quickly heal damage from breakouts. The website Home Remedies for Life has an excellent article that further lists the benefits of Aloe Vera for healing acne.

After I started to do some research about aloe, I remembered that my grandmother had an Aloe Vera plant sitting in a pot on the kitchen shelf. Whenever somebody got an owie, she would break open one of the leaves & dab it onto their skin. The scrape or burn would usually be gone within 24 hours! I’ve essentially been using Aloe Vera since I was a child. It really is a miracle plant.

Is Incredi-Gel an Oil Free Moisturizer?

I’m not really sure how to answer that question. It does contain essential plant oils – so I guess it can’t technically be described as “oil-free”. However, these are not typical heavy oils - instead they are liquid oils extracted from plants. I've actually researched each one, and have found that they all help prevent acne or heal existing breakouts.

What this moisturizer does not contain are a bunch of funky parabens, waxes, nylons, dimethicone, lanolin, petroleum, glycerin, or other thick oil derivatives which are found in so many moisturizers. If you have oily skin, most of those thick ingredients will smother pores. Heavy ingredients don't allow oxygen to circulate & are a recipe for disaster.

According to the Mattify Cosmetics website, Incredi-Gel contains only Aloe Vera Gel, and these 5 essential oils, which help kill acne bacteria: Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Lavender & Bergamot. Of all those, the cinnamon scent comes through the most. It’s a nice clean & refreshing smell, which is very light and not over powering. Incredi-Gel feels slick upon initial application, but not oily. There will be no greasy residue on the skin after use, & skin will look matte. Best of all, it doesn't clog pores & won't interfere with makeup application.

Final Thoughts on Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Some people will tell you that applying heavy & emollient oil does not harm your skin. Personally, I disagree! They have always caused me to have breakouts and massively clogged pores. A few years ago, I read some articles stating that using Coconut Oil or Olive Oil would greatly improve oily skin. Om. No. What a mess. It felt like my skin didn’t come clean for days, and I ended up breaking out.

I would highly recommend this aloe based Incredi-Gel instead of anything that feels thick or greasy. It is so wonderfully light weight, and has drastically improved the clarity of my skin. You can buy it in their trial size for five bucks. They now carry larger sizes, and a pump size as well - which I will be purchasing soon. My oily skin just loves this moisturizer!

Moisturizer for Oily Skin...

Will You Try Incredi-Gel Aloe Based Moisturizer?

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    • Motherbynature profile image

      Motherbynature 2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      This is a great hub. I have oily skin too and summer is a horrible time for makeup (sweaty + oily = yuck). I have been using good ol' milk of magnesia as a base underneath my foundation to keep my oil under control. I will definitely be buying this moisturizer.