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Product Review for Salma Hayek's Nuance Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Updated on January 8, 2014

Salma Hayek Nuance

Hair product review

Product review for Nuance Quinoa smooth and shine shampoo and conditioner

Nuance by Salma Hayek is a fairly new beauty product line. The entire product in this line is not tested on animals, and Paraben free. Salma Hayek commissioned a whole line of beauty, skin, hair care and make up products geared toward all women. She was involved in every stage of production and testing of these products using her own skin for the testing. These recipes originate from natural personal beauty care recipes of her Grandmother’s. Her Grandmother studied cosmetology at Vichy in Paris and combined with her knowledge of Mayan and Native American beauty secrets passed down to her. Salma, herself, has used these recipes her whole life. You only have to look at her to see the results! But why not try them for yourself? All Nuance products are reasonably priced. For example the prices for Quinoa Shampoo and Conditioner are as follows;

Nuance Quinoa Smooth & Shine Shampoo $7.99

Nuance Quinoa Smooth & Shine Conditioner $7.99

Nuance products are available at your local CVS Pharmacy or online at

I purchased the Nuance Quinoa Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner after trying the facial cleanser and crèmes and getting good results. The shampoo is lightly fragrant and is not heavy on your hair. It does smooth your hair and gives it shine. I recommend this product for it's good performance and reasonable price.

The shampoo is infused with Quinoa, Soy Protein, Avocado oil and an Acai Moisture complex. Quinoa ia a seed that contains proteins that protect and repair damaged hair. The soy protein locks in moisture and nourishes your hair, and adds shine. Avocado oil is good for you scalp and decreases dandruff, improves thinning hair and reduces hair loss. Acai ‘s antioxidants and proteins promote healthy hair growth and strengthen hair.

The Nuance Quinoa Smooth & Shine Conditioner contains Quinoa, Wheat Protein, Olive oil and Active Biomimetic Nutrient Complex. Quinoa’s protein strengthens and protects damaged hair. Wheat protein penetrates the hair and gives strength to it. It is especially effective on chemically treated hair. Olive oil supplies nutrients to the hair and improves the hair’s elasticity. It also deeply conditions hair. Biomimetic Nutrient Complex penetrates and strengthens hair.


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    • profile image

      Lynn Meredith Smith 5 years ago

      I want to thank Salma for putting this more-than-wonderful product on the market!! But I want to ALSO SAY

      DO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS LINE...It is fantastic--I first bought the mouse which smells great, holds great AND does NOT TURN STICKY or LIMP DURING THE DAY...The shampoo is also awesome, as I am past 50, and find it very difficult to fine shampoo which does not make my hair dull and unmanageable. THANK YOU AGAIN! I want to tell everyone about these products who is out there looking for an affordable solution to keeping GREAT HAIR!

      LMS in Los Angeles