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Callus Removers, a product review of Callus Remover Gel foot scrub with Moroccan argan oil

Updated on October 17, 2014

Simon & Tom's Callus Remover Gel

I want to have perfect, soft skin on my feet, skin that doesn’t snag my pantyhose, catch the fibres in my socks nor look like they have never seen a drop of moisturizer in years. I am the first one to put her hands up and admit to being guilty of not paying sufficient attention to my hard working feet.

In an ideal world I would all be wearing perfectly fitting shoes, with the socks made of the finest cotton and each evening my feet would be pampered to a little massage to help the circulation and soften the skin. Unfortunately for myself and the majority of us this is not the case so it is no surprise then that calluses developed on the soles of the feet and hard cracked skin appeared on the heels.

These unsightly dry thick patches of skin can be stubborn and won’t be removed by just a little bit of foot cream or a quick rub from a pumice stone, I know, over the years I have tried many. If left untreated, a callus can cause discomfort and cracked heels do look unsightly. So, after receiving a free sample of Simon & Tom Callus Remover Gel when I purchased another product I thought I’d give it a try as my poor feet were looking as dry and cracked as Death Valley itself.

How to Use the Callus Remover

Like other callus removers, the gel is easy to use:

  1. Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes. Pat your feet dry with a towel.

  2. Using thin plastic gloves, apply the Gel, paying special attention to the affected areas. Gently massage the gel into the skin.

  3. Now wait 30-60 seconds for the gel to do its stuff, then using the metal scraper included in the box, remove any calluses or dead skin. Don’t scrap away too deeply, it is always better to do a little at a time.

  4. Wash the feet well to remove the gel.

Moroccan Argan Oil

What makes this foot cream different to other? Moroccan argan oil, the foot cream’s main ingredient, AKA liquid gold. Now here’s the technical part - Argan oil is a nature oil that is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it not only hydrates the skin but it nourishes it.

I’ve seen Moroccan argan oil listed in hair products and I thought that it was only suitable for the hair but now I know that the oil can be used on the skin too. It is really something special, the argan oil is packed with goodness, apart from Vitamin E and antioxidants, it also contains fatty acids that repair the skin, phytosterols that reduce inflammations and squalene that fights those nasty little free radicals. Women in Moroccan have been using this oil as part of their daily beauty routine for centuries, and I’m glad that they are sharing their secrets with us.

My Moans

Getting back to the review, what are my moans? You should wear some thin plastic gloves when applying and massaging the gel into the skin on your feet but unfortunately none are included which is a pain as I had go back out to the store to pick some up.

Do go easy with the scraper. If you have never used one before be careful not take too much skin off otherwise your feet will be left tender, something that maybe should be stated on the packing.

This isn’t a daily foot cream, it is more of a peeler. I’ve used it now three times over three months and as well as applying a moisturizing foot cream, and the skin is certainly smoother and softer. Now, I’m off to in search of something that can heal my hands….


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