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Products For Men That Are Great For Women Too

Updated on July 7, 2015

One of Many Sexist Axe Ads

We've all seen the unfortunate (and in my opinion rather sexist) Axe products commercials? There are dozens of them and they are everywhere. My personal favorite (as in my most hated) is the one where women start saying Bow Chicka Wow Wow and throw themselves at men. The tagline is even worse, as it states that if a man uses one of their products, incredibly hot women will literally throw themselves at their feet. Seriously? Know how Red Bull was sued for falsely advertising that their product gives one wings? Why has no one sued Axe yet?

Clearly the developers of Axe do not intend for their product to be used by women. But you know what? I do. That's right, I use Axe body wash. My father leaves it in the shower, so it is mine. And you know what? Other women do not throw themselves at me every time I use an Axe product.

There are a lot of products out there geared towards men only, such as Old Spice, Axe, Irish Springs, and Gillette razors, just to name a few. However, just because these products are made for men doesn't mean women can't use them too. In many cases, these products work a lot better than anything made for women. Here is a list of a few 'manly' products that anyone can use.

Women's Long Jump
Women's Long Jump | Source

Old Spice Deodorant

Everyone knows the Old Spice commercial where Terry Crew from Brooklyn Nine - Nine says "I'm on a horse?" Of course! That would be the Old Spice I am talking about. Old Spice commercials can be sexist as well, but they're not as bad as Axe, so I don't feel bad using their product.

Old Spice deodorant is a personal favorite of mine. I've been using Old Spice for well over a decade now. Old Spice deodorant is far better than any product geared for women. I have tried many female deodorant's from the sporty ones for women who sweat and exercise a lot to the clear gel, but every female deodorant I tried left marks on my clothing. It was annoying.

Old Spice doesn't leave marks, no matter how much one uses. It also offers better protection against perspiration and body odor than any female product I've ever tried. Degree for men is another great deodorant for women. Women sweat, just as much as men do, but female orientated deodorant seems to think women don't sweat at all. So get rid of that weak female product and try your husband's, brother's, father's or other male in your life's deodorant. You will not regret it.

Body Wash

Men's Body Wash is another one of those products that works better than its female counterpart. It leaves one feeling squeaky clean and really washes away the dirt and sweat that can build up over the day. I also find men's body wash to be cheaper.

Women, we are paying way too much for flowery scented body wash. I don't understand the point either. It only smells good in the shower, then it washes away down the drain and doesn't actually stick to one's skin. So what does it matter what it actually smells like?

Irish Spring Bar Soap

Using bar soap is far more environmentally friendly than using body wash. There is no plastic waste and if you've read my previous hub How Garbage Affects Our Waterways then you already know how destructive plastic waste is. And bar soap gets one just as clean as body wash.

Like body wash geared toward men, bar soap just plain works better than female bar soap because for some odd reason there is a misconception that men get dirtier and smellier than women do. Plus Irish Spring bar soap leaves behind a tingly cooling sensation as it cleans making this a product women must try.

Old style shaving equipment
Old style shaving equipment | Source

Gillette Razors

There are some razors out there for women that are just plain better than men's razors, but if one is not picky then disposable razors for men, such as Gillette Razors, work just fine.

If you don't mind using male orientated products, you could get razors shipped right to your door for a low monthly cost. It's called the Dollar Shave Club and it's for women too. I know I use a razor long past it's expiration date to the point where it is dull and barely works. If you subscribe to the Dollar Shave Club, you don't have to worry about that anymore. For as little as $1/month, this company will send you refills for your razor and you even get a handle when you subscribe. You know how much refills cost for my razor? About $18 for three. Dollar Shave Club is definitely a steal.

In the end, if it can shave a man's face, ladies it can definitely shave what we need shaved.

After Shave Cream

No I'm not talking about the stuff that Macaulay Culkin puts on his face in the original Home Alone movie that makes his skin burn, but cream that helps irritation after shaving. Most women don't shave their faces, at least not regularly, but we do shave other sensitive areas such as our armpits and know.

Armpits can be red and irritated if shaved too much, so try something like Dove's Men+Care Post Shave Balm or Nivea's Post Shave Balm to soothe burning skin after a close shave. If you pluck those pesky hairs, or wax , after shave cream might be a nice product to use as well.

Pixie Hair Cut
Pixie Hair Cut | Source

Hair Gel

Long wavy hair is the prominent hairstyle these days, but pixie cuts are on the rise, just look at Jennifer Lawrence or Shailene Woodley. Most female hair gels are geared towards women with longer or medium length hair and are too strong, too heavy, or too thick for a cute pixie cut.

Men's hair gel, on the other hand, is already formulated for short hair and can hold any style one wants for hours. Something like American Crew's Pomade will work just right for that great hairstyle. Or for women with longer hair, just a little bit of Jack Blacks' Texture Cream can help tame frizzy hair.

Hair Thickening Shampoos

Women can go bald too. Not as often as men, but it is possible. It is definitely possible for a woman's hair to start thinning out as one grows older. Thickening shampoo geared towards men with thinning hair can also help a woman in the same situation. A product such as Anthony Logistic Body Building Hair Thickening Shampoo can help or Every Man Jack Thickening Shampoo.

No-Nix Styptic Pencil

I wish I had known about this product when I first started shaving. The back of the knees were always a killer and I usually had some sort of cut back there in the first year. It was usually a bloody mess too. This last product for men can change all that.

Whenever one nicks their skin while shaving, rub the No-Nix Styptic Pencil over the cut and it will stop the bleeding. Just like that. So if you are shaving in the bathtub and you don't want to get blood in the bath water, just rub some of this product over the cut. It can work for other small cuts, or after for popped or picked at pimples, too.

Men's Clothing


I used to wear men's t-shirts all the time, I still wear a few now. As a middle school girl, it seemed the only options I had for shirts at the time were brightly colored clothing with cupcakes, ribbons, the word princess stamped across it, or other shirts of a similar theme. I wasn't into that kind of thing, still aren't, and never wanted to wear a shirt that said princess on it. I wanted what the boys had, t-shirts with superheroes and my favorite cartoon characters. I didn't care, I bought and wore men's t-shirts all the time. It disgusts me a little, the clothing options that they have for women and young girls. If they're not going to make superhero shirts for girls, then I see nothing wrong with buying a boy's superhero shirt and wearing it.


Same goes for jerseys. Sometimes it's had, if downright impossible to find a jersey of your favorite sport's hero. Personally I am a big fan of Mike Mussina, a retired pitcher for the New York Yankees. If you can't find a jersey for you, then buy a man's jersey. There's really no difference except the fit in the shoulders and across the chest is different.

Gym Clothes

The options for gym clothes for women these days are quite skimpy. You can either have skintight yoga pants, or shorts so short they barely cover your butt. Some days, I'm just not feeling skinny and don't like either of those options. But have no fear, boy shorts to the rescue! I own the same pair of gym shorts as my father, just in a much smaller size, actually in a kid's size to be exact. They are comfortable and easy to work out in. Sweatpants is another great men's product for women. It is so hard to find a good women's sweatpants. They're either too tight, don't go all they way down to the ankle, they have some sort of stupid word printed across them like 'princess', or they are not warm enough. Men's sweatpants, however, seem to be just what I'm looking for.

Are you a woman uses products for men?

See results

Just because I am a woman, doesn't mean I have to settle for products made for women. You don't have to either. Sometimes female products just don't cut it, or don't work as well as male products, or are too expensive. So don't be afraid to try something just because it isn't advertised for your gender.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Life is good!!!!

    • mr-veg profile image


      4 years ago from Colorado United States

      Nice observation and smart thinking.. Good hub !!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      oh no biggie! I was eyeing Axe body wash in the grocery today btw. (Went for the store bargain brand instead. They are all basically the same. Anything on yr body for a few seconds doesn't need to be expensive.) I think a good way to remember affect vs effect is verb form (affect) is about taking action, or acting on something -- hence the "a." Don't know if that helps....

    • QuoteAmber profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Earth

      Beazle - I always get that confused, but at least I got it right on the hub I wrote about plastic waste so it's a little less embarrassing for me.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yey to the razors -- so silly that they market two different versions for males and females. I hate those silly blatantly obnoxious marketers who treat us like doofuses AND make women pay so much more for just about everything. It's evil is what it is. How Garbage Affects our Waterways -- I wanna check that out. Btw if it's a verb it's affects, noun is effects

    • Hannah Elise profile image

      Hannah Moskowitz 

      4 years ago from New York

      I love this! So many men's products are functionally identical to women's but cost less. Not cool!


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