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Products, Products, Products.

Updated on December 12, 2014

Ultra Sport Travel and Sports Towel

Mother’s of household will understand this and those valuable mates that we have who help in keeping up the housework. I have mountains and mountains of towels in my household (our maid told me this) Me. We have towels that I have never seen before just show up and add to the pile. I personally say, “The towels are having babies”, and it is TRUE. Whether you are at home, traveling, running, yoga this is an essential tool that is needed to make sure you have something to absorb the sweat and hard work that you have place into keeping the body strong this is Ultra Sport Travel and Sport Towel is the one thing need to make this better. It washing easy just throw it in with the rest of the towels and you are good to go. Ultra Sport Travel and Sport Towel is 100% microfiber and keeps things dryer for those times when it matters. Ultra Sport Travel and Sport Towel is easy to dry just hang it up on the and it is ready for the next time. You will find a have a must have in any household with or without maids in it, it is called Travel Towel and Sports Towel-Microfiber. I received this as a gift for review and I took looked at it and said, “What?” This towel cannot live up to my daily towels, I now am glad that this one make it my household.

Shandali Untrasport

After bathing I gave it a shout in drying my body and I was surprised at how soft and smooth my skin felt from drying it off. Who my skin felt as if it were breathing, this little towel made me into a believer that small is big in doing a great job. And to the maids and mother’s it is a saver on money. Shandali Untrasport has made a product that is the all in one towel for many events.

As always if you don’t like the product you can return it back to Shandali and get your money back.

Organic Rose Hip Oil

We look and pay for products that feel like glue and those that say they are the one for us and at times it is not. Organic Rose Hip Oil one that personally saying that is good to helping with correcting thing in the order of which our lives goes. This product hails from the mountains of Southern Andes Mountains of Chile where they found the compound was developed from natural parabens, alcohol and it totally fragrance free, that it could fool you from the results.

The Organic Rose Hip Oil will hydrate the skin and give back some of the bounce in the skin that is needed on a daily basis. Scars overtime will been seen as less noticeable and stretch marks on skin along with those detailed fine lines will disappear.

Like with most of the product that are reviewed by me it is 100% guaranteed by Yumi. If not satisfied your money will be returned with no questions.

ZEP Products

Many times we are left with feeling as to why did I buy this product it does not do what the person in the store told me it would. Then we are left with blending it with something else to get the product we were hoping to have purchased at first. Let me lead to Zep and great cleaner that will make those jobs of grease, stains or pet stains that won’t go away, then I have lead you to ZEP that is online with highly concentrated products the are one step for the most part. Once you place ZEP on whatever the stain or smell it is in for the fight that the stain or smell will lose. Yes cost a little more because it is contrated.

Products on television tell us what they do but few but the product out for consumers to spread word. Products. For cleaning any surface, floor or any areas then any ZEP products are great and will give this affect over stains. This item was given to me to try and give out samples to other by Crowdtap and let me just say that I was pleased to have received AEP All Around cleaner and degreaser oxy, to try in my household. To those that I gave the samples too they are not converted to ZEP as well. Please know that these products will help with day-to-day cleaning.

It clean any surface area without causing harm to surface. From mildew products to shower cleaning, carpet cleaning, grill cleaning and you can see where I am going with this product. Zep’s products meet the food safety and sanitation that is needed on any surface. It specializes in product that safe and not harmful to the environment to my standard. Having Zep in my daily cleaning makes it easier for me to can for the home. Zep products are used in my home from walls to showers as I stated before but the area where I use it most is on the wood floors, we have dogs and the mud they track in from the outdoors along with hair they shed keep us every clean the floor. We have lived in our current home for now three years and I hardwood floors were installed after the move in. Let say that our floors look great and new. So for me it was a privilege to try the sample and to introduce others to such a great company.


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