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Proper Care of the Feet and Toenails

Updated on February 6, 2010


Feet should be cared for daily. Because they are near the ground and because perspiration is trapped in shoes and stockings, feet should be washed in warm water with mild soap and dried well, especially between the toes. Special attention should be given to your feet when taking a bath. Briskly rub your feet dry with a rough towel when you finish your bath. Rub the small spaces between your toes. A little lotion between your toes will add to your comfort. Use a deodorant powder if your feet perspire.

Toenails should receive the same care as is given to fingernails. Give yourself a pedicure when necessary. A pedicure is to the feet what a manicure is to the hands. A pedicure helps keep the feet in good condition. Here are the steps in a pedicure.

1. When taking a bath, give special attention to your feet. Wash them with soap and water, scrub with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

2.Use another towel for drying your feet. Dry thoroughly, especially be­tween the toes. This will prevent athlete's foot.

3. Cut your toenails straight across to avoid having ingrown nails.

4. with a cuticle remover and stick wrapped in cotton, remove the tough skin from the base of the nail.

5. to remove the appearance of  the nails, you may apply polish to the nails.


Shoes should be so chosen as to provide support for the feet in walking and standing, protection from ground infections and roughness and ventilation for the feet.

Shoes must fit the feet properly. They should be at least 1/2 inch longer than the end of the toes. The widest part of the shoe should fit the widest part of the ball joint of the foot and foot would lie flat in the shoe without pressing or cutting. The inner edge of the shoe should permit the foot to lie straight in it. The heel of the shoe should provide support for the foot.


Always wear either hose, socks or foot socks with your shoes. Stockings and socks should be long enough and wide enough so that the feet are not cramped. Wear hose or socks of the right size. Hosiery is sized by the length in inches of the stocking or sock foot from the end of the toe to the back of the heel. This length should be at least 1/2 inch longer than the length of your foot, measuring from the top to heel.


Change socks or stockings every day. Air shoes every time you pull them off. Keep the heels of your shoes straight. Run-over heels are bad for your feet and are a reflection on your good grooming. Have them repaired as soon as possible.

With feet well cared for, you will walk with more grace and have better posture.

Clean, polished shoes in good condition is an important part of the good grooming routine.






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