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Propper Pants Review – Lightweight Tactical Pants Style Number F5243

Updated on May 4, 2012

Propper Tactical Pants

Propper Pants Style F5243 w/11 Pockets!!!
Propper Pants Style F5243 w/11 Pockets!!! | Source

The Ultimate Cargo Pants from Propper Reviewed

This review of Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants is done after I purchased 2 pair and also a pair of the Propper Lightweight Tactical Shorts.

Note: Propper with two P's is a company brand of Proper International who supplies uniforms and military clothing.

I like to carry a lot of things with me when I'm out and about, but I don't like to carry a backpack or a bag. Items like a pocket tool, cell phone, small camera, car keys, wallet, etc.

Ladies: They make these for women as well (The length on the women's version is unhemmed) so if you are not the purse everywhere you go type check them out! 511 Tactical has more options for women than Propper.

I usually purchase some kind of cargo pants or cargo shorts. I was in a large sporting goods warehouse and was looking at what they can offer. And there were two kinds of cargo pants at this location the first mean those made for hunting and camping in outdoor stuff and the second being made for EMT’s, Police, and Firefighters. While I thought I would like the camping stuff it turns out that EMT type pants were more suited to what I'd like to do.

There were three or four brands available so I grabbed one of each to try them on and my size and by far I preferred the Propper lightweight tactical pants. They just looked better, fit better, and felt better. Unfortunately they only had two colors in stock so I did not purchase them at that time.

When I got home I turn on the computer and started to do a bit of research about the Propper brand. I had not heard of them before as I always purchased my clothes from clothing stores and not sporting goods stores. It turns out the Propper brand is very well known by police and military types. But it was new to me.

I generally prefer to buy things are 100% cotton because I like the way they feel, but it's not the best choice of material for this application. The Propper lightweight tactical pants I purchased are the style number F5243. This is important because online most of the different styles look alike in the pictures. The lightweight material feels the same way as most of the clothing that I wear. They do make a heavyweight version, which I guess is just called their proper tactical payouts.The lightweight version of the proper tactical pants is made from a 65/35 Poly/Cotton blend with a Ripstop pattern with Teflon® coating to shed water. I've worn my pants now several times and I find that they're very comfortable, so the fabric doesn't scratch or itch and seems to move just fine.

Here are the available colors for the Style F5243 Lightweight Tactical Pants:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • LAPD Navy
  • Khaki
  • Olive Green
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Coyote

Let me talk for a moment about the colors because while I was reading reviews on for people of purchase these pants (BTW: the reviews are overwhelmingly positive - you can go there and read them for yourself) there were some sizes that were not available in certain colors. The black hands of course are black and true to color. These Propper Trousers are very popular because you can wear them while training and in public and not look silly or look like you is a survivalist. The charcoal color was not listed on the Amazon page which I initially ordered from, so I purchased the gray. As noted by other reviewers the gray is a very light gray and almost silver in color. I like the gray color but my intention was to get a darker gray and so I purchased a second pair after the first pair arrived in the charcoal color. The charcoal color is a very dark so dark that it's almost black. The LAPD Navy is also very dark. While not listed on the Propper website some other sites do list Navy color that may or may not be LAPD Navy as it is not clear if there are two versions of the Navy color. I also like the khaki and the olive green color. It's very difficult to select colors off of a computer screen because they sell the match accurately to the actual color once received. The Coyote collar is kind of goldish blend with the little bit of green which to me is not very attractive.

Here are the main features and specifications for the Propper lightweight tactical pants:

  • Action stretch waistband, true to size.
  • Fade and Wrinkle resistant
  • Teflon® Treated to Repel water
  • Heavy-duty reinforced seat and knees
  • Eleven Pockets with internal knee pad openings
  • 2 Wallet Pocket-in-a-pockets
  • Cell Phone pocket large enough for PDA
  • D-Ring for keys or tools

Normally I don't like to purchase payouts that have any kind of stretch material in the waistband but in this case it's actually quite nice as it does not dig or gouge into me. The waist size seems very true to size. I ordered my exact waist size and they fit perfectly. The only problem I can see for some people is that the cut while loose fitting is not overly large in the thigh area. So if you are a large person with large size that cut might not suit you very well. Average size people, people with athletic builds, ordinary folks whether in shape are not will likely be pleased with the way these feel.

I've never purchased shoes online because I've always been concerned about proper fit. I was a little reluctance to purchase these online, but because I tried them on in the store (and would have just purchased them locally had they had the color I wanted) I was not reluctant to just pull the trigger and place my order. Again I purchased from Amazon because they have the color that I wanted initially with no sales tax or shipping charges. If you're willing to wait a few extra days for your order to arrive Amazon offers free shipping on orders larger than about $25.The pants do not ship direct from Amazon, but from a third party. When you're ordering from Amazon it's very important that you be careful to note who the third party is because it's more difficult to return to a third party vendor at Amazon. In this case I was not concerned because again I Re: tried the pants on and they drop ship directly from a Propper warehouse.

What's interesting to note is that because Amazon did not have the charcoal color of the lightweight technical pants I had to purchase those from another vendor direct. There are a lot of military surplus tight places that are nothing more than websites that are selling this product. Again they just drop ship directly from one of Propper's warehouses. My order from Amazon even though I did not pay for the shipping and chose the slow free shipping actually arrived in just a couple of days via the United States Post Office. I believe the vendor was a vendor called a Elite Hero. However the order that I placed from another website which I believe is called, who is just an online commerce site drop shipper chose to ship via UPS in that order took almost a full week to arrive.

Here is what I like about the Propper lightweight tactical pants Style F5243

  • They ship with the free heavy-duty belt
  • Pockets are deep with other hidden pockets inside them so I can carry a lot of stuff.
  • Cargo pockets on the thigh have Velcro closures
  • My Leatherman multitool fits perfectly
  • My camera fits perfectly
  • Very deep back pocket keeps things out of the way when I’m seated
  • Teflon® sheds water and potential stains from spills
  • Dries very quickly after washing
  • Fade resistance seems to work really well
  • They are ripstop

Here is what I don't like about the Propper lightweight technical pants

  • They are made in China
  • In my opinion at $40 per pair they are a little bit pricey

Summary of the Propper lightweight technical pants

I like these pants a lot because they fit well and I can load them up with all my gear and they don't look clunky or balky. I do wish I could purchase them at Costco. It seems like these are the perfect kind of product for the Costco warehouse distribution model. I think most people looking for good quality long-lasting attractive cargo payouts should give these a try.

Note About Pricing and Manufacturing - a bit of a rant.

I wish I could buy these for about $25 a pair, but even at $40 per pair they are much cheaper than the other brands of tactical gear payouts like those from 511. I really also wish that they were made in the United States. People who believe that the United States cannot manufacture clothing at competitive prices are clearly wrong. I purchased socks from Wal-Mart that are manufactured in the United States (at least that's what's printed on the package) for the same price as the same brand of socks that were manufactured in Mexico or I believe Pakistan. When you have the option to buy American you are voting with your dollars and telling American corporations I want to purchase products that are made here. If the American consumer would stand up and vote with their dollars by purchasing American-made products we would have more American-made products to purchase. The majority of markup in the clothing industry takes place at the retail level.

Comments Welcome.

PS: When you buy these from Amazon let me know how long they took to arrive in the comments section. Thanks.


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