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Pros and Cons of Lip Augmentation

Updated on April 2, 2011

Many women today are looking to get for themselves the plump and sexy lips that they were denied by their divine creator. There are many forms of lip augmentation today, and this website has information on each of the current procedures, and reviews on many of the most popular lip augmentation products.

In the end, however, the best way to decide if lip enhancement is the right step for your cosmetic future is to weigh the pros and cons of lip augmentation. That is what this here article is for. This should give you a good ideas of all the benefits lip enhancement will provide, but also some of the inherent risks of lip enhancement procedures.

Possible Downsides

Everything you do in life, and I mean everything, has an element of risk involved. Lip augmentation is no exception. Here is a list of some of the most common downsides.

· Pain- Many different kinds of surgery are accompanied by pain. Most of this is temporary, but some can last as long as the effects of the procedures do.

· Lopsided Effects- Some injections, if done improperly can cause a lopsided smile that is not quite as sexy as you might think.

· Allergic Reactions- Some lip augmentation products, especially those that include natural elements, can cause allergic reactions.

· Lip Injections Cost- While many of the different lip augmentation products and procedures that can be used today have gone down in cost, some of them can get quite costly.

· Temporary Effects- Most of the lip injection options today only last about 6-8 months, some even less than that. This means that the procedures have to be redone for the pouty lips to stay pouty.


Did you make it through that depressing list of cons? I hope so, because here is the fun part! Here is a list of all the great things that can come from this technique:

· Increased Self Esteem- OK, that might be corny, but it is true. Getting the lips that match your personality can increase your self-esteem and make your life so much more fun.

· New Friends- Many individuals who use lip augmentation procedures find new friends in their doctors office and in the support group they create for themselves.

· Better Sex Life- In all honesty, you know that is what you are hoping for going into something like this. Many patients who have used lip augmentation measures have had increased libido and reported great enhancement in their sex lives.

· More Positive Attitudes- Feeling better about yourself will make you feel more positive about every aspect of your life. This positive and happy attitude can increase the goodness in everything.

· Many Available Options- There are lots and lots of options for lip enhancement today. This makes it possible for you to find the best lip augmentation for your goals and your monetary situation. Never before has there been such a cornucopia of lip enhancement opportunities.

In the end, the choice is all yours. We hope you will use the information on this site and in this article to help you make the right lip enhancement decision for you.


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