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Psychology of Picking Your Earrings

Updated on January 22, 2011
diamond stud earrings
diamond stud earrings | Source

What People Can Read From Your Earrings

You can bet that psychology is part of the process when deciding the types, sizes and styles of the earrings that are worn by both men and women. Psychology is really part of any type of jewelry choices we make, however, for this particular instance, we're only concerned with earring choices.

There are untold multitudes of various styles and sizes of earrings. Both men and women wear them these days. The only things we are interested in talking about in this particular article is some of the mind-guided reasons they wear the different styles that are so popular. The matters of how they buy them and the places they purchase them are of no concern here and that is another article altogether.

Since there are a tremendous amount of styles and designs of earrings obtainable, we can't possibly get into the psychology of every single one of them, still, for this debate, we're going to choose two models, stud earrings and hoop earrings.

Stud earrings are usually made of merely a pole, hopefully of some variety of metal amalgamation, which has a decoration of sorts on one end and a simple stop gadtet to hold the earring to the earlobe (or other body part, in other cases) on the opposite end of the small pole. This is most definitely the simplest kind of earring.

Whenever most women are setting off to wear earrings, in their youth, they start out, in most cases, with a stud earring. Undoubtedly decorated according to the person wearing it with some help from and approval of the parent or benefactor of the young woman, if that is the case.

Those affluent folks, who happen to also be stud wearers will often choose a genuine diamond setting or a rare but colorful gemstone. If the setting is not a diamond, the gemstone will probably stand out and, in most cases, will match the colors of the fashions the wearer is donning.

What kinds of things do you imagine that "stud" earrings disclose to anyone who happens to notice them? Thus, we begin the argument and discussion of earring-wearing psychology.

If the stud earring that a woman is wearing is small, barely embellished and not easily seen, she's just revealing to you that she maintains some thought of fashion and style but she has no need to draw a bunch of attention to herself. She's either introverted, which is unlikely, or has no craving to feed her ego and is stable and confident.

Her motive for not wanting to call notice to herself will vary with her personal mood.

If she's not in the mood for a lot of company or situations where she would be noticed, she may wear the small, colorless ear studs so she'll be hardly noticeable and also will be delivering a message of quiet denial to anyone who may be wondering if they should approach her.

Then there are those who wear larger, more ornate stud earrings. If the earrings are dazzlingly beautiful and, most likely, "expensive," she's telling you that she's either got her own affluence or has a way to get to to someone else's. If not that, then she's demonstrating to you that she has means and might be interested in someone who comes close to meeting her expectations.

She is very conscious of herself and tries not to make her position in life too apparent except for the fact that she has a large crowd around her all the time. It's important for people to give her lots of attention and she makes it obvious that she has a strong need to have the most refined things in life available to her. You'll often catch her admiring herself in mirrors, if there are any in the room, and she loves to be the heart of attention.

Gentlemen who start to wear large diamond stud earrings are simply announcing to the world that they have only just become wealthy and are in the market for people who might want to give them some attention. Their diamond stud earring is a way of announcing to the world that they are triumphant, have an ample amount of money and are willing to spend it on the right people, places or things. They have a choice now and their egos are in need of being stroked. They are in search of new sexual partners who may be impressed with their recent wealth and are willing to be token friends or love interests at the discretion of the newly made-rich gentleman.

Gay males who have the same type of financial luck and vocational achievement will act in much the same way, including the sporting of huge stud earrings (possible worn a bit differently) with the exception that they will be targeting other friendly males.

There is absolutely no other reason, than to draw the most attention to the wearer, for the existence of hoop earrings. The only things that may have an effect on the amount of the attention drawn would be the bulk of the hoops and the metals or other various materials that they are made of.

If the hoop earrings are crafted from metal like gold and adorned with multiple diamonds, the wearer is once more, either of adequate means, a personality or has a possible love connection who happens to have gathered sufficient wealth. It doesn’t matter that she’s attached because she remains a seeker of mass attention. She’s also, in most cases, accompanied by a humongous ego and, time and again, a huge chip of some type on her lovely shoulders.

The scheme behind large hoop earrings is not the announcement of introversion. Rather, it is to make certain people are well noticed and have plenty of recognition from others who may be or become important admirers. Once they acquire these admirers they will usually put them to use in any manner they so choose and to which the newly found fans will allow.

Some attention seeking types will start things with a bit of flirtation and coyness and, as the evening wears along, will take advantage of the circumstances as they present themselves. A keen eyewitness may notice that the humongous hoop earrings are only a mode of turning on the imaginary neon sign (the bait) that is saying, "Please look at, admire and pay attention to ME!"

Some large hoop earring wearers will often claim that they only wear them because they help to sharpen their facial features, ears or their new hair-dos.

So, why are they trying to emphasize body parts that are already so beautiful? Aren't these attractive body areas already beautiful?  Kind of blows the excuse, doesn't it?

The wearing of large hoop earrings by a male, most likely means that he is gay. But, this is not definitive by any means.

Not necessarily being gay but being a bit of a flamboyant, some males do occasionally don the large hoop earrings for the same purpose as do women. To hang out their "I NEED ATTENTION" bright sign. What kinds of attention they draw is dependently determined but would be anticipated to be both male and female types.  This is most likely their plan, if you get the slant.

The wearing of earrings reveals a lot about a person. An observer, whether they are skilled or not, can often learn fairly accurate physiological and style implication information from the wearers.

Certain things like variation in type of decoration, stone types, colors, modes, style and varieties of earrings, as well as other things like number of jewels selected and position of earrings, can leave a fairly accurate impression on any observer who may steal the time to make the observations.

The earrings that you choose to wear can and will reveal a lot about your personality and your mood so, choose wisely.  You never know who is watching.


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      3 years ago

      What does it say if the woman likes hoop earrings that are colorful...each a solid plain color, like Blue, Orange, solid stones, no decorations, thin, plastic or metal one color big hoops?


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