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Puma Bodytrain | Puma Toning Shoes

Updated on May 1, 2012

It has to be said, that toning shoes are not widely regarded as the most attractive footwear choice, but for many people that’s OK, as it’s not how the shoes look, but how they will make your lower body look that matters.

With a perfectly sculpted lower half, it doesn’t actually matter what your shoes look like, as it’s not the footwear which will be turning heads.

Fortunately though, whilst you are working on the body beautiful, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look fantastic. Few toning shoe brands have opted to make footwear which you could say has great looks, and none have yet to be released which look sexy.

Puma BodyTrain changes that though, and toning shoes will never be the same again. Gone are the days when style is compromised for a firmer butt, as it’s possible to work that behind, whilst having shoes which are easy on the eyes.

Puma BodyTrain are sleek, stylish, sexy and will certainly get you noticed whilst you work on your lower body, and for all the right reasons.

Puma BodyTrain Design

The great thing about being the last major footwear manufacturer to release a pair of toning shoes is that you get to see all of the mistakes that the others have made. Most manufacturers have struggled to come up with a low profile design that actually works the parts that other sneakers don’t reach. Whilst the thick chunky soled shoes that work your butt do exactly that, it clearly comes at the expense of style.

With Puma BodyTrain, the brief to the design team must have been to produce a pair of shoes that women will actually want to wear, regardless of any extra muscle activity the shoes generate. For a brand to get that right, they are clearly onto a winner.

So Puma BodyTrain certainly get the vote for their looks, but do Puma BodyTrain toning shoes actually get your calves, hamstrings and buttocks working harder with each step? And how come they have managed to do what no other toning shoe brand has managed and make their toning shoes attractive shoes in their own right?

To answer that, it’s necessary to look under the hood and see what’s going on with their technology, but before I delve into how they get the muscles working, this is what Puma claims about their shoes......

Puma BodyTrain Claim to....

  • Activate your legs muscles up to 18% more than the leading toning shoes competitors
  • They are some of the lightest toning shoes on the market, weighing in at a mere 205 grams
  • The shoes reduce pronation when walking – the inward roll of the foot which causes a strain on the joints
  • The outsole tread offers far more grip that many toning shoes
  • The shoes are highly stable thanks to the dual density EVA foam in the midsole
  • The shoes create resistance when walking, which gets the muscles working harder.
  • The ultra slim midsole makes you look good when you walk.

Translating the Tech

Leading toning shoes competitors, in terms of sales, means Skechers Shape Ups, Reebok Easytone, New Balance True Balance. Toning shoes generally increase muscle activity in your lower body by between 27% and 30%, and Puma claim to offer an extra 18% on top of that. Based on Puma’s claims, it’s fair to say that even if they tested against the shoes with the least toning powers, it puts them a shade under 32% more toning.

As for the weight saving, that is a big improvement on the competition. 205 grams really is lightweight, and is even lighter than many running shoes. Lightweight shoes mean you will be able to walk for longer in comfort. The toning needs to come from technology, and not from having to swing extra weight with each step. Extra weight on the feet places a strain on the joints, and the lighter the shoes are the better. Especially if you are going to be wearing them all day long.

The slim midsole offers more than just style alone, as the really thick soled shoes that increase your height, also raise your centre of gravity. Also, as toning shoes wear down, the EVA foam breaks down and can lead to undesirable instability, which is never a good thing. Puma has  increased the durability of the shoes in high wear areas, which makes them last longer, remain stable, and give much better value for money.

Puma BodyTrain Commercial

Here’s the video of the Puma BodyTrain commercial – you won’t learn anything from it, but it is as sleek and as sexy as their shoes, so I thought it was worth adding to this hub.

Under the Hood

With Puma BodyTrain you get a whole lot of technology under your feet, making them probably the most technologically advanced toning shoes released to date. The technology is used to improve comfort, stability and to offer the extra toning, whilst walking in a much more natural way.

Stability Elements

M2D – Puma has added higher density foam to the medial (inner side) of the midsole. This helps to stabilize the foot when standing.

EverRide Outsole – A new outsole is constructed from blown rubber to keep the weight down, whilst offering excellent traction. The shoes have the EverTrack design to improve durability and to resist abrasion in high wear areas such as the heel.

Cushioning elements

EVA foam rubber is used for cushioning in the sole of the shoes, as with other toning shoes. Its lightweight, but with these shoes it is used sparingly to offer shock absorption, but to keep a low profile look. This is used in conjunction with Puma’s IdCell technology which uses low density foam to improve shock absorption and cushion the joints.

Puma BodyTrain Mesh - Greater breathability
Puma BodyTrain Mesh - Greater breathability

The Comfort Factor

Orthlite® Sockliner – As with many walking and hiking shoes, Puma BodyTrain shoes use an Orthlite® sockliner. This matches the anatomy of the foot to give excellent underfoot support. The design also helps to increase air circulation to keep the feet cool, and allows hot moist air to escape to keep the feet dry, cool and comfortable. The shoes also have an anti-microbial treatment to make sure that they do not take on a life of their own and help to keep foot odor at bay to make sure that your feet smell as good as they look.

BioRide Technology – This is what gives Puma BodyTrain the comfort factor, and allows for a much more natural walking gait than any other toning shoes on the market.

Muscle Toning Technology

To get your leg muscles working harder, Puma has developed its technology to increase resistance, which makes the leg muscles work harder with each step. Resistance training is what makes weight training beneficial. Increase resistance and the muscles work harder. However in contrast to weight training, Puma’s technology adds resistance without the weight.

The shoes have an IdCell construction. The soft density construction makes the back of the legs work harder, whilst in the toe off phase the same technology helps to work the front of the legs. If that wasn’t enough, the bevelled heel increases leg extension to maximize the work your hamstrings and buttocks have to do.

Puma BodyTrain Nubuck - Durable and Stylish
Puma BodyTrain Nubuck - Durable and Stylish

Puma BodyTrain Style

This is where Puma BodyTrain shoes really come into their own, with the designs just oozing style. There are a number of different models to give something for everyone, and there is not much to choose between them. Having said that, the BodyTrain Mesh model is the lightest and most breathable, and best for those who tend to get sweaty feet or for summer walking. Have a look at the collection below, pick out your favorite style and get working that lower body!

BodyTrain Mary Jane
BodyTrain Mary Jane

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