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Purchase A Loose Genuine Diamond Coated CZ From James The Jeweler

Updated on February 27, 2012
4 Carat Genuine Diamond Coated CZ Stone $250.00
4 Carat Genuine Diamond Coated CZ Stone $250.00

Many of you have emailed me concerning my loose "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ STONES". After receiving many emails from some of you wanting to be able to afford a unique cz such as the ones I currently sale, I decided to contact my manufacturer to work with them on making it possible for far more of you to own one in the carat weights you desire.

I currently sale my loose "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ STONES" in round shape from a 1/4 carat up to a 4 carat solitaire. I also sale different shapes and carat weights as well upon your request or inquiry on them.

The genuine diamond coating on my "IDEAL CUT" cz stones is "PERMANENT" and the quality of my cz stones is "D TO E COLOR & FLAWLESS CLARITY."


The photo you see above is of a 4 carat round "IDEAL CUT" diamond coated cz stone that I currently have several of, and if you're interested in purchasing it my cost to you is $350.00 and you can also put this stone on my "NO FEE LAY-AWAY PLAN" with a $50.00 deposit, then you can make either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on it that fits your budget until you've paid for it.

Should you be interested in purchasing either of my "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ STONES" feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" at 404-447-5459. I accept either bank cashier's checks, postal or Western Union money orders, business or personal checks, and Western Union money transfers. You may also pay for my cz stones with your credit cards through Western Union and you will have the same buyer protection as you would if you used PAYPAL.

I do use PAYPAL as well should you like to purchase my diamond coated cz stones using this payment gateway.

The prices of the "DIAMOND COATED CZ STONES" has increased so if you're interested in other carat weights and shapes, feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" to let me know.

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    • jamesisajeweler profile image

      jamesisajeweler 5 years ago from Atlanta, Ga

      Thank you for your inquiry Christel concerning my diamond coated cz stones, and I will email you more info on my diamond coated cz stone.

    • profile image

      Christel 5 years ago

      James, I have never heard of a diamond coated CZ. I have been in fashion jewelry my self & am looking for a brilliant white 4 ct. Weight solitaire. Can you please forward more info about your stones to me? I am looking for a 4 carat solitaire for my own platinum ring. Thank you, christel