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Purchase Vampire Jewelry, Capes, Coats, Hooded Cloaks and Collectibles - Jacket Cloaks with hoods

Updated on November 15, 2015

Petwer Poison Ring

Pewter Poison Ring for men and women
Pewter Poison Ring for men and women | Source

Mythical, Magical, Fantasy and Romance

Vampires the fad can be found all over the world. Most of us know the background story of a vampire. They attack their victim and drink the blood, and in some cases the victim turns into a vampire.

Most of the time they were mentioned mostly around Halloween but know with the popularity of movies and television shows there is a whole new perspective on Vampires.

Jewelry and other related vampire items can be beautiful and magical at the same time. From vampire chokers, poison rings, and spiritual jewelry there are a variety of interesting vampire collectibles to explore.

Whether you enjoy wearing costumes and dressing up in vampire hooded capes and stylish boot or just want an interesting piece of jewelry to wear these types of items are very popular and make a great conversation piece.

Vampire chokers, Gothic clothing, coffin rings and other exciting items can be found for all who enjoy wearing something unique and interesting.

Capes to Wear

Momentous occasions call for raiment dignified and appropriate. To that end, we present this elegant formal cape: fully hooded and reversible, falling in a double-thick cascade of plush emerald and purple velvet,
Momentous occasions call for raiment dignified and appropriate. To that end, we present this elegant formal cape: fully hooded and reversible, falling in a double-thick cascade of plush emerald and purple velvet, | Source

Vampire Jewelry, Capes, Clothing and More

There are a variety of fun items to wear that capture the spirit of magic, myths and legends. Some of the more interesting items are:

Capes - Elegant Formal Capes in a variety of sizes and colors can be worn throughout the year for dress up and just to express your personality. Most of the times the capes are made out of velvet for a dramatic look and are reversible to show to different colors.

Jewelry - From poison rings that reveal a secret compartment to vampire style chokers that drip blood and Gothic necklaces there are a wide selection of vampire necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets to choose from.

Vampire Dress - Unique and captivating a vampire style dress is typically black in color with red trim. Made from satin and velvet with lace cuffs and collars. A dress can be long or short in length.

Spiritual jewelry - Jewelry can symbolize several things from a spiritual belief, desires, passions, hope, guidance, wishes and dreams. There are some places that sell magical jewelry such as weight loss, healing and other related rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Skull and Cross bones are popular in jewelry and clothing items also.

Clothing items range from Celtic shirts, coats and capes, costumes, lace up boots, dramatic looking products and accessories.

Whether you enjoy witch craft, vampire, or just wearing the styles that are associated with these types of items the variety and choices available (especially online) are endless.


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