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Purse Alternatives | Free Your Hands With The Bucklette

Updated on June 23, 2010

Not all ladies like carrying purses. Some of us don't have fashion senses that lend themselves well to toting around a bag of knick-knacks, and others of us just don't like having to carry a bunch of stuff that sits separately from our bodies in a hands carry-all case that can easily be lost or stolen.

Whilst I can appreciate why purses were invented (as a way for un-liberated women to bring the kitchen sink with them whenever they were forced to leave the house) it doesn't work very well for the modern woman who wants to travel light.

So how do you carry the essentials of life without having a purse? There are numerous options. One is using the pockets of your clothing, a fairly 'well duh' solution that comes with only one major downside, that being that putting things in your pockets can ruin the lines of your clothing if you stuff them.

A wallet also works fairly well, but wallets can quickly become stuffed and bulky when you put a few things in them and who wants to walk around with their cash sticking conspicuously out of their back pocket all wrapped up in a nice leather package for a would be thief. Wallets are almost as bad as purses for being stolen, the only significant difference being that the thief has to get closer to you in order to steal them, which isn't really a bonus.

A little backpack can be a nice compromise if you really must bring a few things with you and they won't fit in your pockets (you know, like a bottle of water, or a book or something).

Or, if none of those options strike your fancy and you are capable of traveling very light, then why not give the Bucklette a try. The bucklette, designed by Sandy Alexander is a belt buckler (or clip on) that attaches to your belt and is capable of holding a credit card, a key, some cash, and if you really insist, some lipstick.

This little device is guaranteed to come into its own in the out and about crowd who go clubbing wearing scandalous pants and don't like stuffing their credit cards and keys down the front of their shirts. With the bucklette a lady can go out and dance the night away without worrying that she's lost her purse somewhere, or forcing one of her friends onto bag guard duty, one of the more onerous tasks associated with going out with a group of women.

Whilst being less roomy than a wallet, this design has one major advantage over that device, and that is a certain measure of stealthiness. Who is going to know where you're keeping your valuables when you're wearing this cute little belt clip? Precisely. No-one. Until the first time you use it in public and even then you should probably be aware enough of your surroundings to notice if thieves have their hands around your belt area.

How much is the bucklette? About a hundred bucks. Perfectly reasonable, no?


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    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 

      8 years ago

      What a life saver for those of us who have so much stuff to carry, but in those rare occasions where a purse is unnecessary this bucklette sounds like a great purse alternative.


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