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Cool Purse Organizer Inserts - Buy Purse Organizer Online

Updated on May 21, 2015

Have you ever found yourself frantically rummaging through your stuff in the purse searching for something that you actually need?

Though I hate to admit it, I was an unorganized woman before. I was that kind of person who sometimes held off the check-out line because I couldn't find my wallet. And, when it's time to use my lip gloss right away, it took me a bit long time to find it.

If you like things to be organized, get yourself a purse organizer with several different-sized slots for the right stuff. Check which things would fit exactly in the pockets.

If I like to carry all my personal belongings, both rarely and often used, why should I not carry a big handbag, dumping all items inside, and not be bothered by the clutters? But I am not like that now anymore. Remember what I said in the early part of this hub? I don't want to hold off the checkout line.

I now checked items I often need and organize those inside the purse.

Okay, ladies... if you are like me, it's time to buy yourself a purse organizer. No more worries on smearing everything red with lipstick that got loose, or a cake foundation that cracked. In other words, no more clutters inside your handbag.

Purse Organizer, Expandable

This expandable purse organizer has 11 slots. It measures 4 inches wide, 9 and one-half inches long, and 6 and one-fourth inches high, which can be expanded up to 5 and one-half inches wide and 12 inches long.

100% polyester, full color lining, and available in 4 colors-- black/leopard, brown/giraffe, tan/leopard, and teal/pinwheel.

Most of the customers are fully satisfied with this product, with a score of 4.4 out of 5 from 80 customer reviews, as of date.

PurseN Organizer Insert

Satisfaction guaranteed when you buy this purse organizer. Almost all the customer reviews rated this product 5 stars.

Available in different sizes from XS to XXL And there are a wide array of different colors to choose from.

Has adjustable sides and expandable bottom zippers to fit a variety of purse sizes.

Has 9 compartments and one large zipper pocket. The size of the pockets would fit any modern day electronics, with an easy access in and out. The outside has two additional pockets for extra stuff. The middle is an open space for wallet, cosmetic bag, and other lady's stuff.

To have a cue for other purse insert sizes, this medium purse insert dimension is 11.1 x 5.9 x 1.8 inches. Or, see this item in amazon and you will be shown with different sizes.

Lady Elegance Purse Organizer

As the name implies, the purse organizer has really an elegant look, fit for formal occasion to attend to.

Has also 11 slots - 1 cellphone pocket, 1 pen pocket, 2 lipstick pockets, 6 credit card slots, and 1 zippered loose change purse. The center has an open storage for all other items such as sunglasses, brush, or wallet.

There are mixed customer reviews of this product: great organizer, slots are tight, or purse organizer is not large.

If you own several purse organizers, then organize them too with organizer rack. This 2-layered, heavy duty plastic construction shelf has 5 partitions in each layer, with adjustable and removable panels with T connectors, to fit in different sizes of your purse organizers, totes, or even handbags with tall handles.

This can be placed in closet shelf, or sit on the standard closet, for easy viewing and changing purses.

How to organize the insiide of your purse

If you own a simple purse which has a very few pockets - say 2 or 3- then read this additional information of this hub on how to organize and be practical of your items to include in your purse.

1. Admit that you have a problem.

2. Dump out all the items from your purse and check what you really need on a daily basis, or the items you use on a weekly basis, and the items which you never use.

3.. Check the items you never use and eliminate them from the pile and put them back to where they belong. You know a big bottle of lotion doesn't belong in your purse.

4.. Evaluate what remains. Ask yourself what you really need in your purse. Sometimes some of the items may be better suited somewhere else like gym bags, at the office, or in our car.

5. Downsize and organize. After identifying items you absolutely can't live without, think of ways to maximize their practicality. If space is an issue, go for sample-sized products. If keeping items like deodorant or lotion is a must, go for travel sizes rather than full sizes. Use small makeup bag to put little items into one spot like lip glosses and mascara and compact for quick on-the-go beauty application.

6. Nowadays there are products to make your life easier, so check out the accessories to make your purse more functional.


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