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Q & A: Life After Breast Augmentation

Updated on July 30, 2012

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Questions to Ask your Surgeon After Beast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular cosmetic enhancements requested by women. But before any decisions or incisions are made, it is wise that you learn what to expect not only from the procedure itself but how to live with these new breasts or manage them so that they turn out in the best form. So this article will be a heads up for those who are planning to get breast augmentation surgery.

1. What do I do to improve my healing process after breast augmentation?

After breast implant surgery, an elastic bandage would be wrapped around your chest. This has to be kept on not only to provide support for your new breasts, but also to prevent swelling which prolongs the healing process. You should also avoid alcohol and smoking to ensure that the incisions will heal on time, also preventing scar formation. Breast massages can also be done regularly once the incisions are healed to give the breasts a better shape and feel. But most of all, if you want an uncomplicated recovery stage, you should always commit to check-ups scheduled by your doctor.

2. When can I get back to normal activities after breast augmentation surgery?

Generally, surgeons would advise patients to keep their activity level to a minimum for the first two weeks after surgery. First of all, this is a very delicate stage especially with healing incisions. You should avoid bending over, stretching or heavy lifting at least three weeks after surgery. But there are specific instructions provided by your surgeon so make sure that you will follow them accordingly to avoid complications from ensuing.

3. Do temperature changes affect breast sensation after implants?

Yes breast implants, whether saline or silicone, do change in temperature. It is in the nature of the implants to store heat and cold, with its temperature gradually changing to the weather that the body is subjected in. So if you go sunbathing for a couple of hours, the implants will remain to be rather warm afterwards. The same is also true for cold weather. Once you are out of the cool temperature, the implants will still remain colder to touch compared to the rest of the body. The reason why it is easily perceptible to temperature change is because they are not placed deep within the chest cavity, but nearer the surface of the skin, either beneath the muscle or over it.

4. Do I have to change implants after ten years?

Breast implants are just like any product, and they are not excused from any wear and tear over the years. That is why, surgeons advise patients to have check-ups either every year or every after two years to follow up on the condition and integrity of the implants. To visualize this more clearly, especially with silicone implants which do not immediately show any changes when broken, a mammogram would have to be done. There is no need to worry about any possibility of rupture with the kind of pressure used by this procedure because technicians would carefully consider that and would know how to position your breasts accordingly.


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