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QOD Max Keratin Treatment Review

Updated on May 30, 2011

Curly and Unruly Hair

My hair has always been very course, thick and curly. Tending to be frizzy and dry, it needs a lot of styling products before it can begin to look sleek and shiny.

I have been flat ironing my hair for some time using a ceramic flat iron and a basic flat ironing protectant. I was not really happy with the way my hair came out, and getting it straight was a large investment of time everyday.

I have never wanted to use chemical relaxers, because of the horror stories I have heard about hair breaking off. 

I spent quite some time researching the internet looking for my best options for getting a Brazilian Blowout.

After some reading I realized there were several different product lines, which have been reviewed mostly with mixed results (Brazilian Blowout, Rejuvenol, Coppola). 

Based on reviews I decided to go with the QOD Max treatment w/cocoa extract.

The product itself was a lot larger than I expected, containing enough product to last me for quite some time. I was very pleased with the value of this product. The whole bottle cost me less than one single treatment in the salon.

This product has the consistency of a creme conditioner, and the smell of sweet chocolate. It went on easily with an application brush.

During the blow drying phase my eyes began to water terribly and I had to take a break and get a fan for the bathroom. It doesn't have a chemical smell, but it irritated my eyes a lot.

After my hair was dry and flat ironed at 450° it became extremely manageable. Did I mention I needed to upgrade my flat iron to a professional model that reached a temp. of 450º?

Although the product feels a little heavy or sticky on the hair, it is also very sleek and pretty.

I waited 72 hours as is recommended by many people on the internet.

I can't say how wonderful this is for my hair. It makes straightening my hair a snap, I spend very little time and have attractive, healthy, shiny hair. I will never, ever stop using this stuff, it is the solution for my problem hair!


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