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Queen Helene Oatmeal 'n Honey Product Review

Updated on November 22, 2014

We Are All Unique

Let me start off by saying that everyone's body is different, and will react differently to certain products and chemicals. I personally have very sensitive skin. Too much fast food, sugary drinks, hormonal changes, weight gain, and lack of fresh fruits and vegetables all affect the way my skin looks.

So, this product may or may not work for you depending on your body, your needs, and specific issues or disorders you may or may not have.

Why I Love It

The smell of this product is sweet, like honey, brown sugar and oatmeal mixed together. The texture is very smooth and creamy like peanut butter, but has small grains in it that feel sort of sandy. I love it because it went smooth on my skin but the grainy texture helped to rub away dirt, oil and dead skin. I would recommend that you rub the cream on very gently so as not to scratch your face. Rubbing too hard can also lead to over-exfoliation which can create wrinkles, aging, and scarring if you scratch yourself.

The end result were satisfying, my face was very soft and smooth. As good as this feels I would try to control how much you touch your face! It may feel good but the oils on your hands will only create more pimples. If you can refrain from touching your face, you'll notice in a week or two that the size and redness of your pimples will decrease.


I started using Queen Helene about five years ago, and since then it still works for me. I have moved onto to trying other things that work better, but I love using the Oatmeal and Honey scrub from time to time.

  • There is no smelly chemical residue
  • it softens and moisturizes my skin without scraping
  • The creaminess of the texture, sometimes other soaps feel like a regular hand soap which can be harsh.
  • The price is so little for what I can squeeze out of the bottle.

The only real con is that this product in particular can be difficult to find. At the location I buy mine they sell out quickly, which is why I have had to look onward and try other things. Please check out my other Hubs if you have skin issues, I have product reviews on things that have and have not worked for me.

Another thing I wanted to add was that I like to use this product on my shoulders every now and then. Keep in mind it is important to drink lots of water and eat fruit! Adding small things like this to your daily routine will help you stay free and clear of blemishes.

Origins Super Spot Remover
Origins Super Spot Remover | Source


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