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are the Queen's Outfits Edible ?

Updated on January 20, 2014

Did you ever think that the queen's outfits are edible?

Well, this one sure looks tastier and sweeter than the others she's worn, but they all look like they were made, or at least thought of, by a pastry chef. Or a wanna be. Or a person who has more of a sweet tooth and sugar taste rather than any determinable good fashion taste or sense.

This fashion statement appears that the designer couldn't get far enough away from the orange sorbet to complete their garment for her majesty. And, considering the Queen's conservatism, it is very surprising she put the 'thing' on, or got even close to doing it. It's a wonder her royal blood didn't boil after being exposed to it. Or a wonder her monarch skin didn't crawl away when it touched it. Or that her dead aristocracy didn't get out of their graves to protest, when they got word of the likes of it on their precious Elizabeth.

Maybe the Queen just wants to appear more liberal to the people this way. If you have a dress that looks more palatable, possibly her following will show a liking and like her and continue to follow suit, and to continue to like paying taxes. And to continue to like her and her family so they can keep their jobs. And yes, to keep liking her so she can continue with these tasty delectable outfits that turn the people on. Or makes their mouth water.

"The way to the people is through their stomachs, and/or taste-buds?"

Come to think of it, this could be the steps the Queen is taking to go green, and help diminish England's carbon footprint on the World. Since she only wears her outfits once, and she donates it to hang somewhere for ever; if it was edible it would be more of use. She could donate her garments to the poor so they could eat them. And the Queen wouldn't have to spend any more of the taxpayers money to have the dress / dessert washed before hand. Her royal smells would spice and flavor their meal and add to their 'chowing down' experience.

Instead of saying, "let them eat cake," she could now just say, "let them eat my dress."

Just think of all the mouths the Queen could feed with her extravaganza of editable clothes. No, it's mutton, no it's one of the Queens dresses she wore during the Olympics. There's no telling where this could lead to. It may even spread over the 'pond' to the states. All kinds of government people could follow the Queens healthful steps in the right direction. Most of them only wear their cloths once anyway. Instead of wasting them, turn them into food. And here's the best part that any 'big gov-er' will love to hear about this idea. They are sure to change their ways. They don't have to stop their war mongering around the Planet, just buy more cloths from the Queen's pastry chef recipe. Finally the poor will be fed. Imagine that.


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