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Questions, Advice and Concerns Naturals Must Face

Updated on May 26, 2014

Going natural is a serious commitment and deserves a lot of soul searching and thinking it through. Maybe you decided on a whim to BC (Big Chop) your hair. Maybe you thought you thought it through. Or maybe you are a new and transitioning natural. This refers to all of you. So here are some questions, advice, and concerns to consider before going natural and through your transition to completely natural hair.

Expectations lead to maybes .......
Expectations lead to maybes ....... | Source

Have Realistic Expectations

There is oftentimes a thrill of the unknown when people decide to go natural. Many new naturalistas have long forgot what their natural hair texture felt like and look like. So many spend their time idealizing and fantasying what their natural hair texture will be.

Even so, you may be disappointed by your hair texture. So are you prepare to accept your natural hair texture? Are you prepared for disappointment, regret, and panic? A good tip is to focus on yourself and your hair journey and try not to compare your hair to other people’s hair.

Highway of Learning
Highway of Learning | Source

Willingness to Learn and Explore

Natural hair is all about learning. Learn how to do ones hair, learn what hair products, hair styles, and hair tools work best for your hair. Are you willing to learn and experiment? Are you learning to explore different hair products, tools and styles? A tip is to do your own research and decide what is best for your hair type. Explore and have fun.


Making Time and Having Patience

Natural hair is no joke and can be very time consuming. Many naturals are also do it yourself types that do their own hair and make their own products. This means spending hours in front the mirror doing your hair. Or hours looking through beauty supply stores, Target, and other stores (brick and mortar and online stores) looking for hair products for your hair. Are you willing to devote a lot of time and patience to your hair? Are you willing to do your hair on your own? Are you willing to devote time to learning how to and actually doing your hair?

A tip is to research products, styles and techniques and regimens. Go on YouTube or a blog, find a naturalistas and follow her journey. If you can ask questions? Do your research. Another tip is to research styles and techniques for doing hair and actually doing them yourself. Or getting someone to do it for you. Do this several times with different styles, products, and conditions. This will help you learn how to do your hair and determine the amount of time it takes to do your hair.

Barber/Hairdresser | Source

Limited Resources and Knowledge

A lot of naturals prefer to do their hair on their own. Even so, not all naturalistas do or want to do their hair on their own. Others seek out hair stylists to do it for them. Whatever the case, natural hair is relatively a new social pnemona. This doesn’t seem to make sense, African descendant peoples have long have their hair natural and took care of it. Plus there are much more resources and information out there then in the past (the internet, YouTube, websites, blog forums, hair products and tools, etc.).

Even so, there are also limited resources and knowledge especially in relation to hair salons and stylists. This really depends on where you live (big city, small town, or rural town) and who is doing your hair. If you live in a small or rural town you may not have access to the products and stylists that know how to do afro textured hair. Also many stylists were taught how to perm, straighten/curl hair using heat, and dye hair so many may not know how to do or work with natural afro textured hair.

While the stylists that do know how to do natural afro textured hair may be few (in quantity), exclusive and very expensive. Thanks to the laws of supply and demand! You have to keep that in mind. Are you willing to go out your way to find a stylist that can do natural hair? Are you willing to spend a lot of money to do your hair? A tip would be to have a natural hair network that can gives you information (such as referrals, prices, locations and recommendations) about salons and stylists in your area.

Haters and Naysayers, Haters gon' Hate
Haters and Naysayers, Haters gon' Hate | Source

Being Comfortable with Your Hair and Dealing with Criticism

Related to expectations is other people’s opinions and expectations about your natural hair. It is weird to think but some people don’t like or are against natural hair. The people close to you maybe use to seeing you with straighten/permed hair so it may shock, confuse or upset them. They react with curiosity, confusion and even anger. It takes a lot of confidence and buoyancy to face these kind reactions. Are you prepared to specifically deal with the negativity, snide remarks and criticism? Are you ready to deal with questions and opinions?

A tip would be to let your family and friends know exactly what you are going to do and your intentions with your hair. Whatever happens you can honestly say it wasn’t a surprise to them. Another tip is to try not to argue with them and their opinions. If you have to answer ridiculous questions or comments do it in a graceful and simple matter. Oftentimes we react severely to things we do not understand. Perhaps this can be a teachable experience for your loved ones. Maybe you will learn a bit more about yourself too!!!!

Thanks for Reading!!!
Thanks for Reading!!! | Source

Even so, good luck with your natural hair journey!!! Thank You for Reading and please feel free to comment and share your stories below!!!

What is or was your biggest thing you had to deal with going natural?

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