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Quick And Simple Nail Designs For Beginners

Updated on June 16, 2011

Nail Designs For Beginners

Nail designing is considered a fast emerging trend in today's world of beauty and fashion. You do not have to be an artist or good at art to do nail designs. A little creativity is helpful. Here is a simple guide on nail designs for beginners. Follow the steps and with much practice, you will be very good at it.

Begin by choosing your perfect nail color. Take note that your choice of color for nail polish is very important because it determines the attractiveness of a nail design. You can:

  1. Choose according to occasion or function. For a formal official function, opt for muted or neutral colors. For fun and informal functions, use bright or glittering colors.

  2. Choose according to a skin tone. If you have lighter skin, choose shades of nail polish with pink or blue undertones. For darker skin, you can choose any rich or deep shades of nail polish such as vibrant reds and purples.

  3. Choose according to the color of your favorite lipstick. Match it with your nail polish color, as the shade that flatters your lips is most likely to do the same for your nails.

  4. Choose according to your wardrobe. If you are wearing brown colored clothing, do not go for pink and purple. Select more harmonious colors.

Next, wash and dry your hands. Take your time and apply the first coat of nail polish on your nails. The first coat is the base coat. Let it dry before applying the second or final coat of the same or different color.

  • You can apply a bright nail color as the base coat and then add contrasting color designs on all or just your thumb nails, little hearts or flowers. You can try different images like smiley, stripes or polka dots.

  • You can add jewels like tiny fake diamonds, crystals or rhinestones on the nails.

  • If you do not have time for art or jewels, just paint your nails in alternate colors similar to a zebra print (black stripes with bright or neon colors) or just a tad of glitter at the tips.

  • You can also use those nail design or nail art stamping kits sold online which allow you to stamp perfect, professional nail images or designs on your nails in minutes.

Lastly, do not hesitate. Quickly, think of a nail design and just do it.


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