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Quick Fix for Days With Basic Makeup

Updated on October 19, 2016

Keeping it simple, honey

There are those days when we we decide to have as minimal amount of make up as we can. Maybe getting ready for a road trip, a break from the usual office work or office wear that already needs us to pile on the make up. Or simply, we just do not feel like starting the day with primer, foundation, concealer, blusher and etc.

We all have days like that. However, women are always in a constant battle of looking nice but not wanting to go through the same regime. If any of you are like me, I will always get questions whether I am sick whenever I go sans makeup. Well, most of the time, when I am sick, I will just opt to work from home. But for the peace of mine for my colleagues and friends, I try to get something, anything to avoid looking like a zombie walking around in the office (some even go to the length of avoiding me at all cost when they see me without make up).

The most basic make up I put on will be my face cream, eyeliner and lipstick. The eyeliner and lipstick are mostly mandatory while the rule applies for face cream when I have to meet people whether face-to-face or just through video conference. I personally feel it is important to look the best when sitting in a room for a meeting so I will always appear ready. Well, nobody needs to know how I really feel inside.

For an instant effect, use white eyeliner for the eyebrow. it gives instant effect to your face being fresher than it really is.

Dress up your lips

Lipstick is a great innovation, in a sense it can really dress up our faces. Stock up on bright, red lipstick as just an apply of the colour can brighten our appearance and shift the attention to specifically the lips. The lips become the centre of focus on our faces, making that part of the face to be noticed first, and then only to the rest of the face. Bright colours have always saved me, especially on Sundays when I just feel like dressing down with a green flannel shirt.

Beware though that bright, red lipstick may not be suitable in an office environment.

The key is never to look pasty

The main objective of having the two make ups is to put some colour on our faces so we do not look pasty. For pretty cheeks, we can also add blusher. A light touch of the blusher can definitely put a vibrant look to our faces or a sweet, dewy complexion.

Find those pretty cheekbones and have dab the cheeks. Never forget to brighten your day and the others with your bright smile after doing so.

Healthy skin is the best make up

Healthy skin is the beginning of everything. There is no amount of make up that can cover the signs of stress on the skin or even fatigue. Getting enough sleep is the beginning of having healthy skin. Those eye bags, which can be cured with tea bags, might not even need to be there from the start. Those blemishes, it can be reduced if we do not stay up too long at night to ponder about things be it work (work-life balance, people).

Drinking enough fluid also helps a lot and by fluid, it means water. Water is beneficial to the body overall and this means it is good news to the skin too.

Regularly exfoliating the skin eliminates dead skin cells. Those old, dead ones that can make our faces look dim, must be banished to make way for new cells. It does not have to be everyday; once or twice per week is easy enough.

Again, hydrating the skin with our favourite face cream is almost as important as drinking water. Always hydrate the skin after washing the face. For better sun protection, pick a face cream with sun protection so we can be better protected from the harmful rays or uneven tan.

There you have it. Basically the simplest way to be presentable to the whole world on a lazy day.


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