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Quick Hair Tips and Tricks

Updated on February 17, 2010

Hair is very important especially to us women. We spend hours curling, straighting, brushing, combing, and all sorts of other things. Then we have those days where we have fly aways, split ends, or frizz. Its enough to make you want to cut off all your hair..BAD idea.

Luckily girls I have accumulated some of the best tips and tricks for curing hair blues!

Fly Aways Go Away!

Fly aways are those little hairs that stick up from the rest of your hair. It may be so bad that it looks like you rubbed your head on a balloon. There are different tricks for getting rid of these pesky little hairs.


Once you finish styling your hair. Sprits on some hair spray. Make sure to shield your face with your hand and sprits a subtle amount. Don't go crazy with it! A lot of hair spray can make hair feel crunchy and look very fake.

Ice cube

This sounds ridiculous but after you are done styling quickly running an ice cube over hair can flatten those flyaway tresses. Try it!


Not only do they give you shine but the oils also work to hold down hair and maintain that smooth look and feel.

The Frizzes

 This is often caused by humidity. I would recommend buying something from the Garnier Fructis hair product line. They have a bunch of different humidity fighting hair care products that might work. A good hair serum also works.

Split Ends; No women's best friend!

Split ends are a girl’s worst nightmare. We get splits from all the daily damage we do to our hair. (Straightening, coloring, etc)

Cut it:

I can’t stand having to cut my hair. But if you don’t get rid of the spilt ends your hair will continue to break up the hair shaft. The best thing to do is go to a salon and get a trim once a month. That should keep hair health. You should also buy a deep conditioner.

Cool it on the heat:

Let your hair rest for a day or two. Have a day where you just leave your hair as is. If it’s really that bad when left alone just make it a Sunday so you can stay in doors.


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