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Quiz: Are you considered a beauty or fashion influencer among your friends and family?

Updated on January 23, 2017

Are you a beauty or fashion influencer?

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What do the results tell you?

So, are you an influencer? Let's see how you did. Below are the general percentiles for the quiz results.*

  • 0 - 25% Sheep/follower
  • 26 - 50% Plain Jane
  • 51 - 75% Sidekick
  • 76 - 100% INFLUENCER!

*This quiz is just for funsies and not used to really evaluate whether you are an influencer or not.

Influence capital

When you are an influencer, people want to be around you, give you stuff, and in general touch things with your gold finger.

For, not much is be accomplished in fashion, marketing, good causes, politics, general business, and anything else worthwhile when there isn't an influencer involved. It is not surprising that most causes have a celebrity at the helm, pushing for funds or policy changes.

Politicians are always striving to be endorsed by influencers that will get them more votes. Marketers want influencers to talk about their products to convince more people to buy or try their brand.

Fashion designers want more influencers (i.e. fashion bloggers) to show the masses how their clothes will fit into your style. Beauty product manufacturers (i.e. makeup, haircare, etc.) want influencers to wear their products and talk endlessly about the benefits.

Influence is in, throwing money at old marketing mediums is out. Corporations are turning their attention from TV, radio, and other broad media buys to the broad group we call "influencers."

Marketing focus and dollars are focusing on influencers because their pull on the market. These influencers have a real connection to the world. They live among us, have real lives, go to our same churches, and otherwise connect with us on a personal level.

Yes, most influencers are compensated in in some form or another. Some might see that as a reason not to follow. They're just selling us, right? Yes, but because they are known as influencers we stay tuned to their posts, recommendations, and what they look like.

Recommendations poll

When asked for a recommendation, how do you give the information for the service provider or product?

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Being an influencer is not about being loved all the time.

Being an influencer is not about being loved all of the time. In fact, to be an influencer you need haters as well.

For, if you are focused on being loved then you aren't the one influencing - you are the one being influenced. You are swaying with the opinions of others.

If you want to be an influencer you need to accept that your haters may show up day one. You can bank on at least having as many haters as you have lovers. Hopefully you eventually have more people that love your style, makeup, fashion, beauty tips, or whatever you want to be an expert in.

However, you will have to work through a period of time when it seem like everyone hates you, thinks your style sucks, and is actively trying to get you to quit.

Look through the Pink Peonies fashion blog. Some people are brutal in their comments to Rachel Parcell. It does change things when you see how many people are just as passionately in love with Rachel's blog that they come to her defense.

Really, the more haters you have then the more you know you're doing something right. The LAST thing you want to be is average. Being average makes you invisible.

Nobody wants to listen to and ask recommendations from an average boring person. You want to look to someone that inspires you in some way. Someone that has an interesting story to tell or style to replicate.

Think of someone you hate. Why do you hate them? Likely it is because they are in the limelight doing something so simple and easy but they're getting the attention... and you're not.

So, the next time you think about being an influencer. Start think of what you're passionate about and start being yourself from the core. Stop worrying about what others are going to think.

Minnow: new influencer app

Store, organize, and share recommendations easily to build your influence among friends and family.
Store, organize, and share recommendations easily to build your influence among friends and family. | Source

Use iPhone apps to store, organize, and share recommendations.

Gone are the days of writing down recommendations on pieces of paper and storing them on your refrigerator or in you purse. Everything is digital.

You really need to get on the app bandwagon for storing the beauty preferences you have. If you have them stored then you can easily retrieve them for yourself or in times when you want to pass a recommendation.

There is a new app that is launching in April that can help streamline your beauty tips and recommendations. The minnow app acts as personal assistant for your beauty and fashion preferences.

Your preferences are stored as "minnows" and are organized into "pools." With a few touches you can send a full recommendation to a friend or family member instead of leaving them hanging.

How many times have you promised to send a recommendation and then totally forgot? Or maybe you remembered but it was days or weeks later and you knew the recommendation would be stale. The minnow iPhone app eliminates this issue.

In addition, being able to send a full recommendation instantaneously builds your influencer capital. So, get organized and share those recommendations so you can become an influencer.

Beauty pools build influence

Beauty pools
Beauty pools | Source

Fashion bloggers on the rise

Blogging about anything and everything has really been around for decades, but the popularity of blog genres ebbs and flows. Fashion blogs are having their day in the sun now.

Fashion bloggers are pushing clothes, makeup and general beauty tips and getting millions of eyeballs daily. They get shipments of clothes, shoes, makeup, maternity items, baby toys, and anything else you can think of. They pick and choose what they want to feature and filter which are paying the right price. Bam! They get their husbands (or professional photographers for the very popular fashion bloggers) and do a day of shooting... so they can sit in their sweats the rest of the week.

They influence seasonal trends and can help retailers push certain product lines. They aren't just a few girls posting pictures of what they're wearing every day - they make a major portion of marketing budgets.

Pink Peonies is a perfect example of a fashion blog that started small but is now crushing the influence game. Pink Peonies was started and still mainly features Rachel Parcell, a conservative Utah girl.

Barefoot Blonde (Amber Fillerup), Ivory Lane (Emily Jackson), and Bird a la mode are other example of successful fashion bloggers that are looked up to as powerful influencers.

Let us know what you think about our beauty influencer quiz.

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