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Radical Neutrality

Updated on January 29, 2018
Radical Neutrality WGSN
Radical Neutrality WGSN

Radical Neutrality

What is Radical Neutrality?

Radical Neutrality is a macro trend predicted for Autumn/Winter 2012-2013. The idea behind this trend is the thought of neutrality throughout all aspects of life. As we draw closer to the end of the year we are seeing the growing acceptance of this trend, in the truest sense of the words: Radical and Neutrality; the growing acceptance of radical ideas such as the movement away from traditional, secular religions to more spiritual mindsets; radical ideas igniting protests across the globe and radical movements in technology and the increasing ability to obtain knowledge. Neutrality not just in the sense of color, but also in the sense of lifestyle. We have seen a growing trend of “gender-bending” where the lines of male and female have been blurred to create a world of not just unisex clothing, but a delusion of what is socially accepted as “male” and “female”. Traditional gender separations no longer exist, as we once knew them, but are now encouraged to be intertwined as one, known as “femiman”( We seek the desire for neutrality in our visually overloaded society. It’s nearly impossible to walk a block, drive a mile, or even open your homepage without about five different ads invading our life and distorting our mental clarity. For so long we have been told and believed that beauty is meant to disrupt your life from being so striking, but this trend challenges the ideas of traditional beauty; blurring the lines between beauty and reality. Posing the question, “what is beauty?”

radical neutrality
radical neutrality | Source

Who does this Trend Apply to?

This trend would best apply to the tired, worn, and soulful consumer. For so long they have been “plugged in”, but their eyes have grown weary, their minds are overflowing with a whirlwind of information, and the debate of religion paths has finally come down to the “Golden Rule” and creating a religion of their own that brings them personal fulfillment. So what will we see with this trend?

1) “Gender Bending”- a disillusion between genders.

2) A renewed sense of spirituality

3) Quiet Protests

4) Muted colors

5) Desire for faux uniformity

6) Desire for simplicity in all aspects of life. Including: technology, fashions, color stories.


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