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Rado Anatom, Coupole, eSenza watches review: Hardmetal, Ceramic,Jubile

Updated on January 12, 2015

Between Elegant and Dressy

Anatom, Couple and eSenza are three relatively small Rado collections that create a network of watch designs poised between casual and elegant dressy, depending on particular model. The first two can be categorized as mostly unisex – one being rectangular, the other round – the last one as feminine, employing a delicate, egg-like oval shape (echoing Breguet Reine de Naples).

Several common features unite these three lines: the use of two-tone (black and gold, gray and gold) color scheme, of textured or otherwise elaborate bracelets, and almost strict reliance on trademark Swiss Quartz movements. Besides the introduced in Original hardmetal alloy, Rado mellow the high-tech character of these collections by including more conventional steel and gold.

Rado Anatom
Rado Anatom


Hardmetal watches stand out as casual or elegant – subject to the number of diamonds set into the bracelet – a notable departure from the slightly geeky, science oriented Original.

The title Anatom seems to reflect the rib-like appearance of the bracelet; the unapologetic two-tone design will appeal to folks who appreciate this kind of aesthetic. Sword shaped hands mark another innovation Rado try full-scale in this line.


Timepieces demonstrate Rado's fascination with futuristic steam punk modelling: each timer appears to be a part of a complex – think Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – yet understood machinery. Bracelets resemble tracks, the cases the central control; curving, round lines create a sense of fluid motion. Though indulging in dream-like inspirational undertakings, the watches come equipped with very real high-tech ceramics and Quartz calibers.


Rado eSenza essentially reintegrates basic brand qualities, but with a clear feminine bent: almost completely bare dials, carrying only the logo and the minutes and hours hands in regular versions, adding a few diamonds in Jubile, and, effortless linear flow, here emphasized by the expressive ellipse of the case.


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