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Rado Ladies Swiss Watches Review: True, V10k, Sintra, Joaillerie,

Updated on January 6, 2015

Rado Ladies

In general, Rado cultivate a unisex approach: most collections contain a single uniform design, only the size (from S to XXL) indicating a tentative gender belonging.

There are, however, several lines that emerge as more ladies oriented, or at least where feminine models play a more dominant role: True, V10k, and others.

Beside watch size, the number of diamonds, and the way they were encrusted into the case, dial, and bracelet, can serve as gender marker – again, based purely on the observer's taste. Diamond rich timepieces fall into the jewelry category; Rado Joaillerie offers a pair of Blue Fascination watches that replicate the female form in a vague abstract reproduction, and contain over 200 stones.

Rado Jewelry
Rado Jewelry


True collection stands out as the only line to offer purely white watches. This seemingly contradictory step – Rado, after all, color the majority of their products in black and gray – makes sense if we conceive the idea of sex opposites in terms of shades. In other words, if men and women are like black and white (and everything in between), True watches represent this notion, and expand the brand's emotional range.


V10k watches display a kind of mystery and energy that lend themselves to associations of femininity. It's a conceptual line, made of high-tech diamonds, and it evidently aims to push the boundaries of industrial design, both in terms of materials, and of visual appearance. One of Rado's sharpest creations, V10k will appeal to women who value their character and personality above all else.


This master collection offers several pink ladies pieces under the “Time to Fight” title– a breast cancer research and support initiative Rado sponsors.

Also available in white and platinum gray, these timers feature two lines of diamonds on the left and right sides, creating a vertical vs. horizontal tension with the high-tech ceramic bracelet links. Rado Integral and Ceramica too present several Ladies watches designs.


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